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Phishing Attacks within companies: trend and threats and solutions.

Cyber-attacks are more and more sophisticated, aggressive, varied and targeted. This reality is permanent and will be present, as we are moving definitely on mobility in terms of technologies and services.
But there is no reason to panic or become paranoia; companies have to implement permanent trainings (best practices) for their staff, employees and definitely opt for the end-to-end encryption.
Customer data, financial information, networks, corporate intellectual property and employee data are the primary targets. 
Culture of careless and software vulnerabilities are legion. This is why, soon #Retinkno insists on permanent trainings when it comes to best practices, to help mitigate the risks. 
On the corporate network, it is vital to avoid inter alia: illicit file sharing and use of non-work-related applications; adult websites.

Mobile application development and deployment in the enterprise: trends and recommendations.

Henceforth, it is obvious that the mobile is the meet point when it comes to services, technologies, communication, data and to develop and maintain relationships with customers. But there is no consensus about methods of mobile development and deployment.
If, preferred method for mobile app development is more and more internal,, recommends attentiveness on: front-end mobile app development, robust and sophisticated integrations, relevant contents and end-to-end security, quality assurance testing and simple and pure design.
The rate of development, deployment and spending for support of mobile applications and devices will increase dramatically over the next few years. This reality also requires frequent updates and a strong mobile commitment. 
The enterprises should be able to deal with internal stakeholder’s productivity and external customers’ real-time engagement.

Telecom Expense Management: recommendations, realities and solution.

In our ever changing world which requires the real-time performance, in terms of satisfaction, innovation, easy-to-use technologies, good practices and costs, Telecom operators need and should appropriate inter alia,a comprehensive range of tools and services that enables them in real-time and anywhere to manage their telecom cost, security and policy aspects.
A setof, SaaS platforms for Enterprise Mobility Management, are available to accompany them in this way or to perform in depth analysis of a company's overall telecom use and expenditure.
For this ecosystem, soon #Retinknow® always recommends inter alia, key features such as real time data usage management, flexibility, scalability, self-care end-user portal, seamless, rollout of telecom policies and use of business intelligence.

Enterprise data center services and colocation solutions: realities, recommendations and solution.

We already know the vision behind the modern data center; but it is also exciting and responsible to appropriate set of requirements when it comes to colocation solutions in our ever changing environment. Each enterprise or organization henceforth should deal with tailored or customized solution and with its specific needs in real-time.
This means, it is increasingly crucial for each potential user to require or demand :reliable enterprise data center services and colocation solutions. on this momentum, Reliability means inter alia:
Power-density infrastructure required to deliver excellent availability,
Flexible, secure, agile, seamless and scalable architecture,
Availability of power redundancy (2N) architecture,
Solution that marries low-cost and robust connectivity,
Cost-effective, multi-location data center platforms,
disaster recovery capabilities,
Applicable regulatory or industry-specific requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and PCI.
Connectikpeople recalls that the multi-sit…

Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform: recommendations, trends and solutions.

Social  like: a network, data, platform, service, technology or as an application is one of the key trend in our digital-world determined by the ever changing environment.
This reality is translated inter alia by the increasing willingness, desire and readiness from people to share, inform, communicate, stay connected and entertain.
To master or to leverage this trend, companies should deliver simple, personalized and intuitive experience. Therefore recommends deep investments in easy-to-use technologies experience; employee productivity and in customer satisfaction. This is the path forward to the productivity and performance.
When it comes to Cloud Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform, you need inter alia: ·Flexibility, scalability, agility, transparence, ·Intuitive user interface, ·Convincing user experience, ·Ability to quickly and easily build out and configure your social workspaces, ·Drag-and-drop capabilities to personalize your workspace with different soc…