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Compare Docker to traditional virtual machines and, spot it in a development life cycle.

This post By:  Kyle Bowerman appears first on Docker has been creating a lot of buzz in the development community lately. This article will compare Docker to traditional virtual machines and hopefully define its sweet spot in a development life cycle. This is written from a Docker newbie’s perspective and will highlight some valuable lessons and tricks I have learned over the past few months.
When I coach people on running crowdsourced code challenges on Topcoder, there is one critical aspect I always emphasize to achieve good participation: it’s a simple fact that the environmental setup should take no more than 5 minutes. Let me elaborate.
At any given time there may be hundreds of other challenges that members can choose from. If your challenge requires an hour to set up the environment before a developer can begin the solution, he/she will most likely move to the next challenge where they can dive in right away. If I am running a simple, the setup…

Secure and private location sharing for location-aware mobile communication devices.

It is clear that, geo-location technologies have changed the way companies engage with customers, partners and more, enabling inter alia: much more personal and locally relevant experiences.
The obvious benefits of applying geo-location are limitless: create customized user experiences, risk management, fraud prevention and more. 
In this momentum, salutes the Green Dot's growing intellectual property catalog related to mobile technology, and geo-location processes and capabilities. Its new U.S. Patent No. 8,989,778, is directed to secure and private location sharing for location-aware mobile communication devices.

Adobe Creative Cloud Photography in our cloud-driven age.

Powered by the cloud technologies, henceforth with Lightroom CC and Photoshop CC, you can deeply and quickly transform and sync photos. The new plan helps you organize, edit and share photos on mobile, Web and desktop.
You can share instantly with social networks such as Facebook, Flickr and Instagram, while create beautiful, polished video slideshows using still images, video and music, featuring professional effects like pan and zoom. 
A free 30-day trial version of Lightroom CC is available, as an easy-to-learn library of photography tutorials aimed at all levels. 
Information on Adobe Creative Cloud pricing and plans can be found at:

A collaboration hub for ongoing team discussions in our digital age.

At we believe that in our digital age, where our productivity and performance are more and more interrogated, the products and technologies you use at work should be secure, flexible, scalable, seamless, simple and fun.
Quip, has captured our attention as a productivity suite, where you can collaborate on a document without the process of emailing attachments back and forth.
Chat Rooms within this suite, delivers chat room to discuss a topic, share files, or get notified about activity in external services like Twitter, Zendesk, and JIRA. can also observe that, Chat Rooms integrate with third party services including Dropbox, Stripe, and Salesforce, directly to a chat room.
A new approach to notifications increases productivity and emoji, a custom meme creator, and slash commands  bring a little more fun to your team.