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iOS Appps: a new app Blink , Group texts & photos that self-destruct.

Launched in April 26, 2013 by Meh Labs, Inc, this app joins the trend: zero tracks of my presence on the internet. This means your conversations, messages, stay private because they disappear whenever you want them to.
With Blink, you can set the timer, send your

Google Glass, restrictions bypassed: to give users full control of its Android operating system.

Reported first by Forbes, it might be now possible to bypass restrictions imposed by Google on Google Glass. This means according to Developer Jay Freeman and Liam McLoughlin, who own the device and tested it: full control of its Android operating system. Jay Freeman announced his success on Twitter Friday afternoon, and told Andy Greenberg, in a phone interview that he discovered yesterday that Glass runs Android

Rachat de Parse par Facebook : comprendre les Enjeux.

Facebook enregistre environ 500 millions de membres actifs globaux chaque mois. La division mobile connait la plus belle croissance dont la grande majorité est hors des États-Unis. En plus, on constate que Facebook continue de faire de la publicité pour attirer de nouveaux membres. Ce qui démontre : 1.le réseau n’a pas encore trouvé le juste milieu avec ses utilisateurs actuels en termes de données et

Encompassing Week at WPML, one of the easy ways to build and run multilingual WordPress sites.

This week , Encompassing Week team takes a look at the WPML compatibility team to learn more about the following themes: Velvet, Alexx, Argo, MyFolio, StoreBox. This means if you’re a theme or a plugin author and you want to make it compatible with WPML, you can test your theme or plugin here! Now regarding these themes, we have first Velvet

Amazon Web Services that can help you to build and host mobile apps of all types.

As a developers or techpreneurs, here is AWS services that you can use to build and host mobile apps of all types: The AWS SDK for Android lets you build Android apps

Détection et de blocage des téléchargements illégaux : McAfee innove ! Comprendre les Enjeux.

La luttedes téléchargements illégaux sur internet semble être un combat sans fin et ce malgré d’énormes dispositifs de sécurité déployés par les ayants droits. ThePirateBay, l’une des tentacules ne cesse de narguer continuellement ces adversaires. 

Redirection sur redirection le site est aujourd’hui accessible via le domaine

Paperless 2013: actors, stakes and opportunity.

For those who unfamiliar, The Paperless Coalition is a group of companies who are providing solutions for the Paperless.

Amazon announces Amazon Coins in May 2013: stakes and opportunity.

It is henceforth official, as from May, Amazon Coins, a new virtual currency, will be available to Kindle Fire users. This means they can be used to pay for apps and for most in-app purchases. Regarding developers ,if your app runs on the Kindle Fire, it is eligible for Amazon Coins with no further work on your part. However if it runs on another Android device and is