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A data-centric approach to security in our data-driven age.

Excitements, stakes and threats around personal, corporate and sensitive data, digital identities, transactions, and payments data gain in maturity and in sophistication. 
This means inter alia that: Companies need to adopt a data-centric view of digital threats starting with better identity and access control techniques such as multi-factor authentication and the use of encryption and key management to secure sensitive data. The goal here is to make stolen data useless to the thieves.
At we recommend organizations and companies to take a data-centric approach to security by utilizing innovative encryption methods, best-in-class crypto management techniques, and strong authentication and identity management solutions to protect what matters, where it matters.  
In this quest, the ability to achieve compliance with strict data privacy regulations and ensure that sensitive corporate assets, customer information, and digital transactions are safe from exposure and manipul…

Data breaches in 2014

In our digital-driven world, data are the most important and strategic asset, every forward-thinking mind wants to control. 
Therefore, not amazing to note that, according to Gemalto,Data breaches increased 49 percent in 2014 to 1 billion data records compromised, with cybercriminals targeting identity theft as top breach category.
Gemalto also states that, more than 1,500 data breaches led to one billion data records compromised worldwide during 2014.
When it comes to industries, observes that retail and financial services experienced the most noticeable trends compared to other industry sectors in 2014. Retail experienced an increase in data breaches compared to last year, accounting for 11% of all data breaches in 2014.
In terms of data records compromised, ‘’the retail industry saw its share increase to 55% compared to 29% last year due to an increased number of attacks that targeted point-of-sale systems. For the Financial Services sector, the number of data breach…

Flexible Power Supply Design Tool, PI Expert Suite, Available as a Cloud-Based App.

Henceforth, Power Integrations, majored in high-voltage integrated circuits for energy-efficient power conversion, appropriate the virtue of cloud computing with PI Expert Suite Now Available as a Cloud-Based App.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that PI Expert Suite can improve the productivity of power supply design teams by greatly reducing the time to first prototype and by slashing the number of prototype iterations required to finish a product. The software can generate a complete schematic of the power supply.
Previously, users downloaded the tool to a local PC or workstation; now with the cloud-based version designers may access the design tool from any internet browser using the most up-to-date version.

New, Highly Sophisticated PayPal Phishing Campaign.

Henceforth we have to accept the eventuality of the cyberattacks anywhere and anytime. Sophisticated and tailored attacks from criminals, government-agencies, fraudsters and from scammers are now legion. According to OpenDNS, a provider of cloud-delivered security has released information on its OpenDNS Security Labs Blog regarding a new PayPalphishing campaign that is demonstrating an unprecedented level of sophistication. 
OpenDNS announces that, OpenDNS Security Labs began tracking multiple fraudulent PayPal websites that were used as part of a coordinated campaign to harvest international users’ account credentials, credit card numbers/PINs and other personal information such as passport and driver’s license numbers. 
The malicious websites were created using free online tools and were virtually indistinguishable from the actual property.

Virtual Base Stations for Mobile Operators’ Cloud RAN Deployments.

Among the greatest challenges that face Mobile Operators nowadays, we have the real-time ability to deliver improved network efficiency and reduced total cost of ownership in the environment where the world is experiencing exploding of smartphone usage, and where Mobile Operators, exceptionally need scalable, flexible, secure, productive and open source technologies and infrastructures. encourages the new commitment of Radisys® Corporation, and ASOCS, Ltd., a solution provider of Virtual Base Stations (vBS), to provide mobile operators with an NFV compatible virtual base station for their localized Cloud RAN (C-RAN) deployments. 
Henceforth Radisys and ASOCS virtual base station solution delivers a C-RAN ready platform that can accelerate mobile operators’ cloud deployments and fully realize the benefits of virtualized network functions. 

“Leveraging Radisys’ established leadership in LTE small cells allows us to build a platform-agnostic virtual base station solution…

The overall desktop workstation market, including all-in-ones, blade, rack, and traditional desktops.

The most exciting here, is to notice that, the full year 2014, total worldwide shipments improved significantly to 3.7 million units and 8.9% year-over-year growth compared to annual growth of 2.9% in 2013. Emerging markets continued to grow faster than developed markets in 2014.
The U.S. and Western Europe accounted for 63.6% of worldwide shipments with year-over-year growth of 16.1% and 8.2% respectively. 
HP remained the leading vendor in the desktop workstation market with 44.6% share despite a year-over-year decline of 2.7% in shipments.
Lenovo ended the quarter with 33.1% year-over-year growth, its 21st consecutive quarter of growth, and gained 3.4 points of share compared to 4Q13.

Maintain local control of data in Salesforce environments.

We live henceforth in the environment where, organizations and enterprises look for holistic options to address data privacy and residency compliance concerns with the cloud; where they need cloud data protection solutions that enable mission critical cloud applications to be adopted throughout the enterprise. 
Organizations and enterprises need the real-time ability to anonymize information before it leaves the network and understand how employees are using cloud applications throughout the enterprise. salutes the newest version of AppProtex™ Cloud Data Protection Gatewaylaunched on the Salesforce AppExchange.
The goal is to empower users with critical data privacy and residency compliance capabilities for public cloud applications.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, the Perspecsys AppProtex Cloud Protection Gateway can provide data privacy and residency compliance capabilities to organizations that need to keep regulated business data within th…