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New exciting trends around Hybrid Cloud Management Solutions

Alongside the public cloud, it is now obvious that, Hybrid clouds seduce in terms of flexibility; leveraging inter alia existing IT resources while integrating into public and private cloud environments. 
In this momentum, organizations streamline control of their data, application performance and efficiencies, develop enhanced collaboration; centralize IT management; reduce costs and can achieve greater efficiencies.
Henceforth organizations need to understand that, when it comes to hybrid cloud management solutions, rich library of app and infrastructure templates, APIs, and a choice of multiple public and private clouds; deep and broad support for prebuilt application and infrastructure templates, powerful provisioning and configuration management, role-based controls, and capacity management features are indispensable.

New momentum behind and powering Self-driving technologies and driverless cars in USA

The excitement is immense within the industry, between government and industry and nearby the consumers.
Driverless is evolving from science fiction to reality and Self-driving technologies will transform the future of our mobility by inter alia: mitigating human error to improve road safety, decrease the number of accidents and provide greater flexibility to consumers.
It is also indispensable to recalls that, a set of policy and technology issues should be addressed to ensure the success and mainstream adoption of autonomous vehicles. 
Connectikpeople talk about the establishment of standards for highway signs and lights; devise new approaches to regulating spectrum, liability, insurance and safety; and consider revised highway rules, parking structures and car-ownership paradigms.
The US government is making lot of efforts ($Billion) to accelerate the introduction of driverless cars to its roads; recognizes major technological advancements by the tech and auto industries to improve dri…