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Showing posts from June 24, 2013

Most downloaded TV-shows on BitTorrent, Spring 2013. 1983

The data available here, have been collected by Torrentfreak from several sources, including download statistics reported by public

HP and NASCAR have found an agreement to analyze customer sentiment, identify emerging issues …

It is henceforth official , the new agreement focus on: racing infrastructure and organization around the Fan and Media Engagement Center (FMEC), which facilitates real-time response

The new HP Cloud Builder programs: stakes and opportunities.

Officially announced in Jun, 20, 2013, these new offerings represent a new approach which aims to help HP, to consolidate its

Huawei debuts Digital OpenCloud : stakes and opportunities.

As a new trend, increasingly the Cloud Computing is at core of all ICT business and brands strategies. At Huawei, a global information and communications technology

Monster University by Disney lands on your iPhone.

Henceforth available, this game lets you play as a Sulley, mike and Squishy in a series of challenges. It includes features like:

Breaking news: Huawei launches MediaPad 7 Vogue the latest in Huawei’s range of products.

Launched today, MediaPad 7 Vogue brings all the functionality of a tablet, smartphone, and entertainment center.
With a 7-inch display, aluminum unibody and quad-core processor,

AOL launch its own RSS Reader to harness the blank let by Google Reader.

Pending the shutdown of Google Reader very soon, AOL Reader, promises a simple list of headlines, a more visual grid of cards, an

i-FlashDrive HD, la nouvelle version de la clé USB compatible avec l'iPhone et l'iPad : comprendre les enjeux.

Le business des gadgets autour de l’iPhone ou de l’iPad se porte bien, par conséquent on voit de plus en plus de concepts se développer ou se consolider pour devenir des références autour de

Startup Weekend, Montréal, July 12-14, 2013: stakes and opportunities.

Interested by learning experience, startups, innovations, ICT Startup Weekend could help you to more or less improve your

Huawei in 5G battle in Europe: first implementation between 2020 and 2030.

The increasing usage of wireless technologies, the increasing creation of data and the increasing adoption of the mobiles lead