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Interactive VR video and CAD software in the Augmented and Virtual Reality industry

I can recall that, new content mediums, such as interactive VR video, are becoming more popular and catching the attention of content creators as a potentially viable medium. Existing software solutions, such as CAD software, can be outfitted to support AR and VR devices, and open a new approach to using the software.

The most exciting within Europe Artificial Intelligence

Numerous analysts across the world are unanimous on the fact that, the Europe artificial intelligence is on interesting curve in terms of applications, adoption, and awareness. Research and Markets estimates that the Europe Artificial Intelligence will grow at a CAGR of 43.2% from 2016 to 2022. 
In effect, the Europe artificial intelligence market is currently witnessing healthy growth as companies have started leveraging the benefits of diversified application areas of AI, enhanced productivity, effective customer reach and positioning of their services/solutions
Research and Markets reveals that, market growth is also supported by an expanding application base of artificial intelligence solutions across various industries. However, I can also observe that, factors such as low funding access or high upfront investment, and demand for skilled resources (workforce) are presently acting as major deterrents to market growth. 
It is also interesting to recall that, the rising demand for in…