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Select an e-signature solution.

A set of e-signature solution providers like Docusign and Adobe EchoSign, to name a few, have developed an encouraging capabilities and concluded a series of partnerships likely to bring peace in minds when it comes to secure digital documents.
But it is always critical to recall that, an e-signature solution should simplify and streamline the user experience. Intuitive user interface, speed and level of security are paramount when selecting an e-signature solution.
Auditable solution that meets industry and regulatory compliance standards is recommended.

The Amazon Web Service Life Sciences Competency.

It is always encouraging and exciting to observe that a set of organizations develop innovative solutions that create value; differentiate themselves by showcasing expertise and knowhow in a specific solution and demonstrate technical proficiency.
AT, soon #Retinknow, we encourage this holistic approach; so that we can salute the growing achievements of Life Sciences Competency, part of the Amazon Web Service Partner Network (APN) Competency Program. 
Henceforth HCL Technologies, owns the status of Life Sciences Competency by Amazon Web Services (AWS). 
This means that, together with AWS, HCL Technologies can and will provide complete cloud services and a cloud management portfolio that can create value for their respective life sciences customers.

paid rides for their children, on-demand valet parking service and an ad-free social network

Shuddle, a kid’s service launched last week in San Francisco, has raised $2.6M in seed funding. This startup allows parents to arrange paid rides for their children. Created by Nick Allen, Shuddle provides drivers with childcare experience at a monthly fee of $9 (along with per-ride fees).
Luxe Valet, an on-demand valet parking service has raised $5.5M in seed funding. Luxe Valet allows users to request a valet who will pick up, park, and return their car via mobile app. Founded in 2013; Luxe Valet launched its service in San Francisco last week.
Ello, an ad-free social network launched in March 2014, has raised $5.5M in series A. Based in Vermont Ello has registered as a public benefit corporation to ‘’ensure’’ that the site remains free of ads and will use the new funding to back growth and product development.

Intel Security absorbs McAfee: stakes and opportunities.

The McAfee reputation has generated a set of challenges for Intel; from sales difficulties to strategic wanderings, McAfee beyond its experience and expertise, was a stone into the shoe, since its acquisition by Intel.
At, soon #Retinknow we expect that this integration will boost Intel Security to focus deeply on developing machine learning, proactive, proven security solutions and services that can protect systems, networks, and mobile devices for business and personal use.
In our ever challenging security environment, people and enterprises need confidence to live and work safely and securely; this is an opportunity for Intel Security to bring peace in minds.

A software verification tool for developers in both avionics and railway industries.

It is always exciting to talk about Ada and GNAT Pro, a state-of-the-art programming language designed for space-based systems, commercial aircraft avionics, military systems, air traffic management/control, railroad systems, and medical devices, and in security-sensitive domains, such as financial services.
Henceforth CodePeer advanced static analysis tool for the automated review and validation of Ada source code is qualified as a software verification tool for developers in both avionics and railway industries., soon #Retinknow salutes this new momentum and recalls that CodePeer can assess the program before execution to find errors in the development life cycle.
CodePeer has been qualified as a verification tool for DO-178B, the software safety standard for commercial airborne systems.
For railway applications, CodePeer has been used to verify code certified in accordance with CENELEC EN 50128:2011 SIL 4 ; the ‘highest’ safety integrity level.

Our global security awareness shines spotlight now on Q3 2014 State of the Internet, a Security Report

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that, in this report, you have detailed statistics and recommendations about Internet and network security DDoS trends for the Q3 2014.

So, you can learn inter alia that, multiple phishing attacks targeted Google Enterprise users in order to harvest user credentials and gain access to confidential information.

The shift to employing DDoS bots from embedded devices, ARM-based devices and Internet-enabled devices beyond the commonly-targeted PCs and servers is expected to bring: more complex attacks, new types of attacks, and higher bandwidth volume and connection ratios in DDoS campaigns.

Therefore,, soon #Retinknow encourages IT staffs and administrators to review this report and apply the necessary recommendations.