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Showing posts from December 13, 2013

Dear PCI-SIG members or fans, PCI Express® M.2 Specification Revision 1.0 is available.

If unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that, the organization responsible for the widely adopted PCI Express® (PCIe®) industry-standard input/output (I/O) technology, has released the PCIeM.2 Specification Revision 1.0 to its members. Connectikpeople observes that the latest M.2 architecture aims to: ·increase design flexibility to support high-end performance , ·Enhanced data rates for power-constrained platforms, ·Enable the higher integration of functions onto a single form factor module solution, ·Offer tunable I/O technology, allowing developers to create the optimal balance of power and performance in their platform implementations. We can also observe that as a natural progression from PCIe® Mini Card and PCIe® Half Mini Card, the smaller M.2 form factor is designed to meet future market requirements for applications in thin mobile platforms, such as tablets, portable gaming devices, smartphones and devices requiring SSDs. Its extensible design provides scalability for multiple tec…

Private cloud solutions based on OpenStack: Dell and Red Hat are strengthening their longstanding collaboration.

The two companies are decided to combine its resources and opportunities with the goal to help businesses confidently embrace open source-based cloud computing models. This means help users move to and deploy scalable cloud computing models. According to Dell, henceforth users worldwide will benefit from the co-engineered solutions, combined cloud expertise, enterprise innovation, and

4G LTE Network: here is how Huawei accompanies Telecom New Zealand.

Huawei continues to expand its presence in Europe. This new milestones includes its overall strategy of expansion in this continent. Henceforth its presence in New Zealand, means 4G LTE network that can provide speeds of up to 150 Mb/s to mobile subscribers in parts of cities Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch. Technically Huawei provided a convergent radio access network (RAN) technology solution for the network with an accompanying operations management platform that

360Works MirrorSync 2 brings server-to-server synchronization, separate mobile files and more.

If unfamiliar, Connectikpeople recalls that MirrorSync 1 lets users the power to synchronize their FileMaker Server files with FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Go. Henceforth MirrorSync 2, available since yesterday aims to take syncing to a new level with support for server-to-server synchronization, separate mobile files, field-level conflict resolution, multiple simultaneous sync, and

Lighting technology for the gaming and entertainment industries: here is the real value of ARM.

Each times we are very excited to see how ARM manages to improve its technologies and services. By acquiring Geomerics, henceforth this company can boost the realization of its vision to bring next generation console graphics to mobile devices.ARM® expands its position, reinforces its leadership with acquisition of leader in lighting technology, Geomerics®. Billed as one of the only solution proven to deliver fully dynamic lighting on todays’ PCs, game consoles and mobile platforms, Enlighten has been the lighting solution of choice for some of today’s most advanced and best-selling game titles, including Battlefield 3 and 4, Need for Speed Rivals, Eve Online, and Medal of Honor:

E-commerce et internet en Chine: les puissants acteurs démontrent que, bien copier peut être extrêmement rentable.

Lorsque vous faites le tour des universités chinoises, sur les millions d’ingénieurs qui sortent chaque années, il très difficile de rencontrer beaucoup qui pensent créer et développer leurs propres entreprises. Plus de la majorité, comme dans les régions francophones coure derrière les grandes compagnies et les emplois publics. Une situation encouragée par les investisseurs qui préfèrent investir sur des versions locales des solutions qui ont fait leur preuve ailleurs. Résultat, tout le monde copie ce qui se crée aux USA et en Israël voir en occident. Les grands succès story de la chine sont des pures copies. Baidu a copié Google, Alibaba a copié Amazon, Ebay et Paypal, Weibo a copié Twitter, WeChat a copié WhatsApp ainsi de suite. Une réussite sui est propre à la chine, car tous ces succès story sont protégés par le gouvernement Chinois. Du coup impossible de parler de concurrence, la chine profite de son vaste marché pour importer des solutions et les transformer localement. Ce qui d…

Healthcare Analytics Platform: here is the real value of Avnet Technology Solutions.

In this ecosystem, the Avnet Technology expertise is well known and appreciated by its partners around the world. Henceforth with its Healthcare Analytics Platform, this company turns progressively its vision to reality. Connectikpeople can then observe that, Avnet’s new Healthcare Analytics Platform can speed the integration of disparate data to deliver useful analysis, visualizations, reports and information. HP HAVEn, is there to provide a flexible solution to help healthcare providers rapidly integrate medical, operational and financial data from multiple systems, with the goal to create a single, unified and secure view of patient

Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker aims to satisfy enterprises’ communications needs.

Based on the reality that, communications services continue to proliferate through the web, with this offering Oracle aims to maintain its custumers under its control. Henceforth Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker is there to help integrate multi-vendor voice, video and unified

Here is why Adobe has unveiled a brief graphic companion to Adobe’s fiscal year 2013 earnings release.

In this infographic captured yesterday by Connectikpeople Adobe underscores its ability to seduce its community around its Cloud services. This also indicates that, henceforth Adobe depends on its Cloud services .We talk about numbers that marked the company’s

Official: SpinGo your Mobile Event Engine for iOS and Android is available.

Progressively SpinGoachieves its commitment to enable users to explore their event knowledgebase via a dynamic mobile experience. Henceforth this is done; the Mobile Event Engine for iOS and Android is available. In this momentum, SpinGo announced having developed smart tagging and filtering systems that allow media companies, app developers, and end users to display and view only the events that are relevant to them. The event submission is free, and all events aim to be human-verified before being added to the database. According to SpinGo, the new mobile experience delivers local