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New UglifyJS 2.0 and Kendo UI: Stakes and Opportunities for Developers

Since November 08, 2012, you can enjoy the release of the second version of UglifyJS

For those unfamiliar, Uglify, is a JavaScript library that aims to minify (it's the process by which a few things are done to JavaScript source files.) JavaScript. It also aims to be probably the most widely used minification tool for JavaScript in the community, based on its speed and reliability for producing compact error-free minified code.
The term "Minification" means:
All files are combined into one large fileWhitespace and comments are removedLocal variable names are renamed to single characters… Learn more

Disque dur externe 3.0 : Enjeux et Opportunités via le Store'n'Go Ultra Slim de Verbatin


Accès gratuit à internet au Cameroun via Wikipedia par Orange : Réalités et Opportunités pour les abonnées.