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Promising authentication technologies and newly developed algorithms for dynamic authentication

I have a pleasure to recall that, promising authentication technologies, like geo-location, biometrics, tamper-resistant password tokens, device ID, and application credential management, are increasingly brought into the spotlight to fight cyberattacks in corporate settings. 

The dynamic also includes newly developed algorithms for dynamic authentication, probability heuristics, single-sign-on (SSO), and user devices.

The most exciting regarding the global runtime application self-protection (RASP) security market

One can proudly observed that, the increasing need to improve the quality of security is at the core of stakes as it is becoming very difficult for organizations to detect advanced network attacks, especially the ones that directly target application for data thefts
The use of complex web applications for everyday business processes is also boosting the demand for advanced security solutions; like the volume of data in organizations including records, web-log files, and social networks is growing significantly
According to Technavio, as financial assets mostly exist in the form of digitized information, organizations in the BFSI sector require Runtime Application Self-protection Security RASP security solutions to prevent fraud and unauthorized payments and to track the large volumes of data generated efficiently.

BYOD culture in enterprises and necessity for newer authentication technologies

Across the world, one can observe that, Enterprises are steadily realizing that they should not view Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) as a luxury security technology, one only for IT personnel, managers, and C-Level executives.

In effect, with the BYOD culture in enterprises, it is becoming a necessity for businesses to deploy newer authentication technologies to fight detection-resistant malware, phishing attacks, credential theft, rootkit deployments, cross site scripting, and other threats.