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Our security alert focuses on the security Updates for Mac OS X and iOS, addressing a critical vulnerability.

As part of our global commitment, recalls that, Apple has released security updates for Mac OS and iOS devices to address a critical vulnerability that could expose users to covert eavesdropping.  Updates available include: Mac OS X Lion v10.75, OS X Mountain Lion v10.8.5 and OS X Mavericks v10.9.2iOS 7.1.1 for iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch 5th generation and later, or iPad 2 and later therefore , encourages Users and administrators to review Apple Security Updates HT6207 and HT6208 and apply the necessary updates to help

VMware vCloud Hybrid Service - Disaster Recovery is a replication and hosting service: stakes and opportunities.

Disaster Recovery as a service requires: faster, simpler and cheaper options. In today’s data-driven world, business continuity is a critical priority for organizations; this means that, Disaster Recovery as a solution needs to be a simple, automated process for replicating and recovering critical applications and data.
When it comes to cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) service, encourages enterprises to focus on: comprehensive, agile, scalable, flexible and faster, simpler and cheaper capabilities. 
At VMware, a provider of virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions, has captured  VMwarevCloud® Hybrid Service™ - Disaster Recovery, a new cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) service that can provide a continuously available recovery site for

L’industrie de la Virtualisation des infrastructures et services se porte de plus en plus bien : ce que vaut VMware en début 2014.

VMware se positionne aujourd’hui comme un acteur presqu’incontournable des technologies de virtualisation et des services liés. Citrix fait de gros efforts susceptibles de porter fruits à long termes. Nous sommes dans un marché de plus en plus dominé par les services à plus 75%. Une tendance qui démontre que l’industrie a le vent en poupe dans les marchés matures où les infrastructures de base sont déjà disponibles, par conséquent, les entreprises, les organisations, font de plus en plus appel aux conseils et services. Une situation un peu complexe dans les pays émergents, où l’accent est davantage mis sur

Create applications that can encrypt data notifications via the Cloud.

Increasingly developers and enterprises implement data notifications-capabilities within their apps and services. This means that, the security stakes are henceforth keen and vital for developers, service providers and end-users. For instance, when it comes to data notifications pushed across mobile networks, is aware that, personal or sensitive information can be exposed.This mobile security exposure is problematic and limiting to organizations that wish to use mobile notifications to communicate sensitive information with their customers, such as a credit card companies.  As part of our global commitment, has captured for you, a cloud computing security technique (IBM’s U.S. Patent #8,634,810) that can enable app developers to ensure that data notifications are securely and confidentially pushed to and from mobile devices. This means that, developers can create applications that can encrypt data notifications, assign them a unique message identifi…

Dear professionals here are some Android Codes and Features likely to help you.

Thanks to Gurwinder Singh Bhinder and Devecorner who allow us to share it with

Outils de reconnaissance faciale pour professionnels : ce que vaut le Japonais NEC via sa technologie NeoFace Monitor.

L’industrie des outils de reconnaissance faciale pour professionnels, est encore à une phase de développement et d’adoption. La vraie préoccupation et inquiétudes demeurent le degré de fiabilité de ces technologies. Comme unique référence internationale de la transformation digitale bout-en-bout, peut rassurer les professionnels que d’énormes efforts sont déployés par les développeurs pour perfectionner des algorithmes en charges de comparer les traits et caractéristiques du visage et autres. Le taux d’erreur jusqu’ici situé entre 4% et 3%, est progressivement réduis pour constater que le Japonais NEC annonce celui de 0,3% pour sa technologie NeoFace

AT&T can now accelerate its transformation with mobility and Data plans as high priority.

Indicators are quite clear for this recent quarter ended March 31, 2014; AT&T's consolidated revenues totaled $32.5 billion, up 3.6 percent versus the year-earlier period. As a must-attend landmark for digital transformation for the companies of all sizes, congratulates AT&T on its new positive dynamic, which focuses on the deep transform of their business. Fruits and benefits are already there and, we encourage the company to enhance its concentration on the new mobility value proposition, on flexible pricing and on larger

Converged Video and Voicemail solution for mobile operators: Mavenir Systems paves its way.

When it comes to converged video and voicemail, it is obvious that, we are always at the early stage of this business. But the increasing deployments of the 3G and the LTE networks across the world can stimulate these kinds of services. At MavenirSystems(provider of software-based networking solutions), its new Converged Video and Voicemail solution, can mobile operators enhance their Voice over LTE (VoLTE) service offering. This new cloud-based Videomail service, utilizes cloud storage, message delivery and