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Flash back to GNOME 3.8 billed as the major update to the GNOME 3 experience.

Since March 27, 2013, the GNOME Project has officially released GNOME 3.8. Globally this latest version of GNOME 3 delivers major new features, a new application, smaller bug fixes and enhancements. Henceforth with the redesigned application launching view, finding applications aims to be easy. It includes now enhanced search, with an updated search results view and new controls for results. New privacy settings let you now to control who has access to the content on your computer. Along this,

Game: Rockpocalypse lands on your iPhone: stake around a mysterious pathogen.

The game is crafted around a mysterious pathogen that turns people into violent, angry beats. The stake is to end it. This means you must battle through the different sound stages to get to the source of the problem and save us all.
Therefore major features allow you to take control of the Rock as you punch, kick, and slam your way through the crazed goons of an evil mastermind, Select and upgrade five different combat

Désormais vous avez le plein Visage de en temps réel et 24H/24.

Vous n’avez plus d’excuses à trouver mieux ailleurs, car plusque jamais vous avez tout à portée de main. Ce qui veut dire que désormais traite et traitera en temps réel et 24H/24 des : Enjeux et Opportunités sur internetFusions, acquisitions, rachats dans le monde électronique et numériqueNouvelles mises à jour applications mobiles et internetInnovations technologiques

Skype for Windows 8 updated in the 1.6 release: stake around Contact blocking

Henceforth available,this update,aims to give a ‘’higher’’ control over who can contact you by adding the ability to block contacts. Therefore to block a contact, select the person’s name to open up the chat window. Bring up the command bar by swiping at the top or bottom of your screen (or right click), and select block. In addition you may also choose whether you want to remove or report the contact request as spam. Finally we have