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Our security alert focuses now on the Wireless Residential Gateway Vulnerability addressed by Cisco.

As part of our global commitment, soon #Retinknow®, recalls that, Cisco has released an advisory to address a vulnerability in the web server used in multiple Wireless Residential Gateway products that could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to crash the web server and execute arbitrary code with elevated privileges. Cisco products affected by this vulnerability include: Cisco DPC3212 VoIP Cable ModemCisco DPC3825 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Residential GatewayCisco EPC3212 VoIP Cable ModemCisco EPC3825 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Residential GatewayCisco Model DPC3010 DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Cable ModemCisco Model DPC3925 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 with Wireless Residential Gateway with EDVACisco Model DPQ3925 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 Wireless Residential Gateway with EDVACisco Model EPC3010 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable ModemCisco Model EPC3925 8x4 DOCSIS 3.0 with Wireless Residential Gateway with soon #Retinknow®, encourages users and administrators to review t…

Enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites that can offer businesses more choice and flexibility.

When it comes Enterprise mobility management (EMM) suites, soon #Retinknow®, always recommends comprehensive and seamless , flexible and scalable and the end-to-end secure solutions that meet their needs in real-time. In fact, in our mobile-driven and data-driven world, organizations need and are looking for simple enterprise mobility management solutions that are scalable, cross-platform, support flexible deployment options including cloud, on-premise, and hybrid, and secure corporate data as well as manage devices.  Good Technology™ is one of the key players of this industry. Its new EMM suites are based on Good’s existing product portfolio, and are intended for business professionals and small businesses that are looking for simple cloud-based mobile device management and secure email. They include: Good Professional Suite: Basic mobile device management including jailbreak detection, remote device wipe and remote device locationSecure email, contacts and …

Industrie smartphones sécurisés : ce que vaut réellement Blackphone.

Ils sont de plus en nombreux, comme entrepreneurs à mettre les pieds dans la marché des smartphones sécurisés à destination des entreprises, agences gouvernementales et les particuliers. En 2014, le contexte s’y prête plus ou moins fortement, à la suite des divulgations d’Edward Snowden sur les pratiques peu catholiques de la NSA. Silent Circle et SGP Technologies veulent capturer une part de ce marché avec leur produit vedette Blackphone dévoilé en début 2013. Tel que conçu et développé, la Blackphone est davantage concluant pour les particuliers non pour les entreprises, car les entreprises doivent quelques fois enregistrer les communications de leurs employés. Doté d’un fork d'Android PrivatOS (Android modifié), le Blackphone embarque la technologie de Silent Circle, qui permet via divers mécanismes de pouvoir chiffrer le transfert des messages, les appels téléphoniques, les appels vidéo ou les transferts de fichiers. bientôt #Retinknow®, rappelle que l'appar…

Migration Windows 2003 vers Windows 2012 R2 sur des serveurs Cisco UCS Manager : enjeux et opportunités.

La modernisation des datacenters, est désormais une priorité tant pour les fournisseurs de solutions que pour les exploitants. Les datacenters tels que conçus, développer, exploiter et administrés de nos jours sont très gourment en ressources énergétiques et très complexes lorsqu’il s’agit de maintenance. Une technologie comme le SDN (Software Defined Network), peut d’une manière ou d’une autre participé à rendre les datacenters plus performants, en apportant de la transparence et la visibilité temps-réel sur les réseaux. soon #Retinknow®, salue le nouveau accord entre Cisco et Microsoft qui prévoit une mise en commun de leur appliance (produits matériel et logiciel respectifs) afin de commercialiser des offres en direction des exploitants datacenters. A la suite de ce accord, Cisco apportera ses serveurs UCS, les commutateurs Nexus, ses logiciels d’administration (Cisco UCS Manager et Cisco PowerTool) ainsi que ses solutions d’intégration FlexPod (NetApp) et VXPEX (…

Document Imaging, Classification and Process Automation: the real value of Kofax.

In our mobile-driven world with the unmatched opportunities when it comes business and the way to improve our living condition, soon #Retinknow® is progressively seduced by the solid efforts deployed by Kofax when it comes to make it easier for organizations to easily capture customer-provided information and enter it into their business processes. Kofax® Limited has issued a new patent by the Japan Patent Office (JPO) and four new patents by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) in the first half of calendar year 2014.This is exciting. soon #Retinknow® observes that, the Company now has 46 issued patents and 76 pending applications, with 68 of the total relating to mobile imaging technologies. So patent 5,426,286 from JPO, issued January 2014, covers technology for determining document validity, including those captured via mobile devices. Patent 8,749,839 issued by the USPTO in June 2014 expands Kofax’s VirtualReScan™ (VRS) image…

Enterprise data capture service, an anonymous sharing app, a travel management startup can rhythm your day.

Henceforth via the explanation available here, you can deeply improve your knowledge, when it comes to technological startups and funding landscape, technological enterprises and innovators across the world. You can also fund your business. Captricity, ( Founded in 2011, an enterprise data capture service based in Berkeley), has raised $10 million in a Series B round led by Atlas Venture with participation from Social+Capital. soon #Retinknow®, recalls that, Captricity helps companies digitize their paperwork, providing a data-capture service on a subscription basis. Captricity has raised nearly $17 million to date and will use the latest funding to back product development and hire additional employees. RedMart, (Founded in 2011, a Singapore-based grocery delivery service), has raised $23 million in Series B funding from existing investors Eduardo Saverinand Garena along with new investors SoftBank Ventures and Visionnaire Ventures. With RedMart, s…

Wearable health and fitness activity trackers: trends, stakes and key players: BodyMedia, FitBit, FitLinxx, and Gruve.

There is a great excitement around the health and fitness activity trackers industry; in terms of adoptions, health programs, and number of providers. But it is also obvious that, this excitement recedes rapidly like the initial infatuation around these devices. The main reason is the lost of interest; then the key factors identified contributing to why consumers lose interest are: wearability, mobile application challenges, device look and feel, and informational challenges.

This means that: Education of the benefits of using fitness and activity trackers will play an important role in deploying health and wellness programs that incorporate wearable devices,Providers of these technologies need to create sustained interest among consumers to continue using these devices and their accompanying health applications,  Careful attention must be paid to program design to ensure ongoing consumer engagement and successful outcomes,Advancements in wearable technologies that address current usabi…

Security advisory from Oracle addresses 113 vulnerabilities across multiple products.

As part of our global commitment, soon #Retinknow®, recalls that, Oracle has released its Critical Patch Update for July 2014 to address 113 vulnerabilities across multiple products. This update contains the following security fixes: 5 for Oracle Database Server29 for Oracle Fusion Middleware7 for Oracle Hyperion1 for Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control5 for the Oracle E-Business Suite3 for Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite5 for Oracle PeopleSoft Products6 for Oracle Siebel CRM1 for Oracle Communications Applications3 for Oracle Retail Applications20 for Oracle Java SE3 for Oracle and Sun Systems Products Suite15 for Oracle Virtualization10 for Oracle MySQLTherefore, soon #Retinknow®, encourages users and administrators to review the Oracle July 2014 Critical Patch Update and apply the necessary updates.