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New Amazon Web Service Certification for DevOps Engineers

Stable, secure, and predictable IT environments and increased IT efficiency, join the major preoccupation within enterprises and organizations. 
Cloud computing, and DevOps practices are among the exciting solutions. This means that, enterprises and organizations are looking for IT professionals with cloud computing expertise, with a special focus on DevOps skills.  
Today, Amazon Web Service announced that, the AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional certification is the next step in the path for AWS Certified Developers and SysOps Administrators. 
Through this program, you can validate technical expertise in provisioning, operating, and managing distributed application systems on the AWS platform. recalls that you must already be certified as an AWS Certified Developer – Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate before you are eligible to take this exam.  You can find the Exam Guide, a practice exam, and other resources at…

Mobile devices made for Africa by African: in our mobile-driven world.

We are experiencing growing excitements in Africa, where the new breed of entrepreneurs bet on the digital economy to empower their continent. 
From medical devices to conventional smartphones, there is a real willingness to move on and cleanse the bias. 
However, calls their attention on what matters henceforth in our mobile-driven world. 
What matters henceforth: Contents, Services and Technologies that empower our mobile devices and smart wearables.
Everyone can design and produce a mobile device in real-time, but the ability to bring value added to this device and enhance the experience of the apps and technologies available, is, the game-changer.
Nowadays, mobile devices are the primary sources of data, meaning that the African new breed of entrepreneurs should appropriate and focus on the Big data/Analytics technologies and on the Cloud computing.

Programming and App Creation accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Stats speak for themselves: about 209.1K, as Monthly Active Users; Weekly Active Users: 87.3K, and Total Registered Users: 2.9M. About 195 countries use MIT App Inventor, and nowadays nearly 7.6M apps have been built. talks about MIT App Inventor, a blocks-based programming tool that can allow everyone, even novices, to start programming and build fully functional apps for Android devices. 
This cutting edge free service to end users, initially developed by Professor Hal Abelson and a team from Google Education while Hal was on sabbatical at Google, runs as a Web service administered by staff at MIT’s Center for Mobile Learning ; a collaboration of MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the MIT Media Lab. 

Modern data architectures and real time Big Data solutions to the Enterprise.

The Hadoop ecosystem definitely gains in maturity and more and more drives and entices lot of investments and R&D. Good news!, when it comes to collect, understand, and analyze the vast amount of data in real-time in our data-driven world, where enterprises and organizations need: modern data architectures; actionable insights from static data; immediate insight at the moment information changes. also recalls that henceforth Enterprises want to build web, mobile and IoT applications that can deliver contextual insight in real time. They need real time decision making and personalization, as these capabilities can support faster and better business insight. 
In this dynamic, encourages Couchbase, Inc., who delivers henceforth Apache Storm, Kafka and Sqoop Product Integration with Hortonworks. In fact thisnew product integrations into the Hadoop ecosystem, aims to make it easier for enterprises to build and deploy modern data architectures.