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The emergence of blended learning models in the machine learning courses industry

It is now clear that, the emergence of blended learning models has strongly contributed to the demand for machine learning courses, as many vendors in the market are focused in providing classroom sessions on machine learning courses along with digital content support because of the demand for instructor-based learning sessions.

The most popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses available in the market

For many analysts, increasing popularity of adaptive training is a key trend in the global machine learning courses market. One can observe that, the market is growing at a fast pace because of the growing awareness of machine learning among students and professionals. The most popular AI courses available in the market are machine learning and deep learning. According to Technavio Research, the inclusion of analytics and robotics in many industries is prompting organizations to upscale the knowledge of their employees in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) domain.

Different strategies related to Artificial Intelligence (AI) courses

Steadily, one can observe that,Vendors are adopting strategies such as differentiated course fees and course duration to increase learner base. Some of them are offering free trial courses as well. Online teaching is another factor that has bolstered the growth of the global machine learning courses market as it provides individuals with better learning flexibility, according toJhansi Mary, a lead analyst from Technavio, specializing in research on the K12 and higher education sector.