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Innovative Israeli IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud, and Mobile startup companies.

Top-quality Guys, entrepreneurs, investors, startups and investors from Israel are henceforth at the core of innovation in our digital age. Their technologies, ambitions, solutions, moods and paradigms are at the hearth of stakes when it comes to streamline experiences in IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud, and Mobile.
Below,innovative Israeli IoT, Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud, and Mobile startup companies characterized by an exceptionally high business potential:
Atomation is an IoT platform of HW+ embedded code, mobile SDK and cloud based analytics for businesses, "makers" who want to connect "things" to the Internet seamlessly. 
Augury offers a mobile-based solution that automatically diagnoses machines based on the sounds that they make. Augury is like Shazam - but for machines. 
Babator increases the number of viewed videos and viewing time enabling video publishers to effectively capitalize on the video market on all platforms. 
Beyond Verbal extracts, decode…

Access back-office data instantly and easily from Salesforce1 applications.

Complexities and challenges related to real-time data integration and connectivity are henceforth well known like accessing legacy data from Salesforce apps. The stakes are huge when it comes to unlock actionable insights in our data-driven age, where data is the new oil. 
Progress provides now support for OData and Salesforce1 Lightning Connect, with the goal to making integration with Salesforce easier and more powerful with real-time data. You can bring back office data such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server into Salesforce1 and applications. recalls that, by leveraging ODBC/JDBC industry standards, users can get fast, real-time access to Salesforce data from most BI and reporting tools, as well as instant compatibility with existing applications and infrastructure.

Identity and security in the cloud and Microsoft’s commitment

In our mobile-driven and cloud-driven age, identity, data, apps and IT infrastructures are the critical assets that require streamlined security for each experience.
Holistic, new and innovative identity and security capabilities emerge and mature with the primary goal to prevent and mitigate frequent and advanced cybersecurity attacks. Users of these capabilities should remain at the core these momentums, so they represent the biggest threat as the external attackers.
Adallom, a cloud-delivered, security-as-a-service solution charts its way when it comes to visibility and control over data and applications. salutes this momentum that is henceforth included in Microsoft’s commitment to delivering innovative identity and security capabilities across both on-premises and multiple clouds.