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Warning: Cisco has released four security advisories to address multiple vulnerabilities.

Following a set of threats and certain weakness observed Cisco has released four security advisories to address multiple vulnerabilities. According to Cisco, these vulnerabilities may allow a remote

A milestone for LTE voice technology innovation and evolution: Huawei goes forward.

As a information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, we can observe that Huawei is highly involved in Research and Development, to increasingly improve and innovate

Orange gives at its customers especially in Africa, free access to the Premium version of Viadeo: discover the agreement

Official since June 27, 2013, Orange and Viadeo have combined their portfolio of services and products to earn money. This partnership, aims to help Orange Customers (fixed and mobile customers (personal and

Tizen accommodates its first tablet as the first formally announced Tizen device.

If everyone expected that, Samsung will be the first manufacturer to launch a device under Tizen, henceforth the expectations are wrong. The Tizen-based tablet announced this week by Japan-based

Huawei has released its latest Thought Leadership white paper: stakes around Telecoms Managed Services industry.

Titled “Excel in Operation Transformation, Managed Services for Total Value of Ownership”, this white Paper reflects recent research

The second beta release of PostgreSQL 9.3 is now available for you.

Following the release of Beta 1, PostgreSQL 9.3 Beta 2, is henceforth available. This new version includes Features and APIs with none major changes before final release. However, it contains

Business Software Alliance, Dell rejoint la maison avec un regard tordu sur le Logiciel Libre : ce qui intrigue !

Si Microsoft joue le semblant en participant aux différents Forums et rencontres du Logiciel Libre, la réalité est celle qui démontre que

Yahoo!is in the process of closing a set products to focus on the new strategy: stakes and opportunities.

As you can observe, the arrival of Marissa Mayer is at the core of many changes in terms of leadership, philosophy, management and products design. In this dynamic, Yahoo!  shuts down a set of products, but also

New Matatu v2.0.2: a two-player card game that has origins in Uganda brings Offline leaderboards and several fixes.

Powered byKola Studios, Matatu is android game with a two-player card game that has origins in Uganda. The principle aims simple the user who plays all their cards first wins. In