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Google Cloud Platform from your phone or tablet.

The on-the-go approach for work is henceforth indispensable when it comes to enhance our productivity, security, agility and performance.
Thanks to our mobile-driven age, even away from your desk you can now inter alia: receive automatic alerts when an issue occurs; quickly view app status, and manage incidents in real-time. 
Henceforth with the beta launch of Cloud Console for Android, managing Google Cloud Platform from your phone or tablet is possible.
Pending the iOS version, with the android app you can capture the status of your solution, set up alerts, manage your Cloud Platform resources and access Google Cloud Monitoring performance and health graphs.

One of the most exciting and breakthrough realities of our digital age

The infographic below demonstrates how actionable insights, public data, social data and the sharing-economy henceforth transform and will shape our living conditions.

Open source Apache Hadoop data platform within enterprises.

The stakes around Apache Hadoop in terms of performance and seamless, security and distributed systems are critical when it comes to meet the requirements of our data-driven age and fortified web services.
Yahoo! JAPAN shifts to Hortonworks Data Platform and the Apache Hadoop community. salutes this momentum related to modern data architecture based on a completely open platform.

Google Cloud Pub/Sub in our Data-driven age.

Distributed computing is at the core of our digital age; bringing agility, productivity, security, flexibility and scalability we need.
The beta release of Google Cloud Pub/Subis a way to connect applications and services, hosted on Google Cloud Platform or on-premises. Its APIcan provide: scalability, dedicated resources and performance, that helps developers create simpler, more reliable, and more flexible applications. recalls that you can activate Google Cloud Pub/Sub from the APIs & auth section of the Google Developers Console and monitor key metrics with Google Cloud Monitoring dashboards.

Remote attacker can conduct man-in-the-middle attacks on your Firefox browser.

Image recalls that the Mozilla Foundation has released Firefox 37.0.1 to address two vulnerabilities, one of which may allow a remote attacker to conduct man-in-the-middle attacks.
Users and administrators are encouraged to review the Security Advisories for Firefox and apply the necessary updates.

Deliver Google-like infrastructure to everyone else in our data-driven age.

Help engineers focus on their application instead of infrastructure is a game-changer when it comes to productivity, user experience and performance.
In this momentum, Tectonic, can bring peace in minds with its management console for workflows and dashboards, an integrated registry to build and share Linux containers, and additional tools to automate deployment and customize rolling updates.

Cloud or on-premise environment: Tectonic the Commercial Kubernetes Platform paves its way.

Quickly see the benefits of modern container infrastructure and the effective ability to securely run containers at scale in a distributed environment with open source tools are henceforth critical in our cloud and mobile-driven world.
So, salutes the arrival of Tectonic, with its ability to provide the combined power of the CoreOS portfolio and the Kubernetes project to any cloud or on-premise environment.