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Machine Learning (ML) as a powerful technology to drive your data-driven decisions.

From real-time data and data at rest, to data-lake and dirty data, each piece of data is henceforth indispensable when it comes to streamline the decision-making in our data-driven age.
Thanks to the groundbreaking technologies like Machine Learning (ML), it’s now possible for everyone to leverage the huge volumes of information available through big data and open datasets, whether you are a data scientist, an enterprise developer, or a small startup.
In this dynamic, always encourages enterprises and organizations, to focus on their actionable data and actionable insights without wasting their time with countless trial models or complicated math.

Secure and manage access to sensitive messaging, voice and SMS communications on mobile devices.

It is more and more encouraging to observe that, the need to ensure that corporate data is secure from external or internal threats, is critical in every enterprise.
The real-time ability to securing enterprise data while enabling your employees to be more productive when mobile is henceforth indispensable like the flexibility to secure and manage access to sensitive messaging, voice and SMS communications. salutes the momentum behind new security capabilities for Good Work™ that further can protect corporate data. 
Good Work henceforth integrates inter alia: CellTrust SecureLine™, enabling a secure mobile business number on bring-your-own-devices (BYOD), to keep personal and business communications separate on a single device. 
The integrated solution can encrypt and secure business calls and SMS messages on the device without using the personal number.

Virtual Sandboxing in Amazon Cloud.

In our digital-driven age also, characterized by the increasing sophistication of cyberattacks, Sandboxing is one of the key tools against malware and other network-based attacks. 
So, welcomes sandbox resources on the fly without the expense of local servers at MetaFlows Security System (MSS). Henceforth users can deploy a distributed virtual sandbox using the Amazon EC2 cloud. 
Virtual sandboxing and other indispensable features including: advanced multi-session IDS analysis; real-time correlation of collaborative intelligence, and Soft IPS) are at the core of stakes.

Address the challenges of extracting intelligence from within Docker containers also, means!

Exciting efforts, initiatives and technologies are progressively deployed around and at the heart of Docker and Kubernetes when it comes to streamline critical experiences for application containers.
Among these encouraging efforts, we have the ability to address the challenges of extracting intelligence from within Docker containers that also, means:

Quickly pinpoint the root cause of problems to deliver new applications faster and minimize downtime,
Make application container log management easy and affordable,
Leverage log data to ensure the performance, availability, and security of your Docker infrastructures,
Revolutionizing how organizations build, deploy, and manage distributed applications,
The ability to package and ship software as a full runtime environment,
Deliver applications faster and easier than ever before.
It also, means: provide automated log collection, correlation, management and analysis of Docker containers and the applications hosted on them.

Simplify Log Management and Analysis for Docker.

Docker provides henceforth the serenity you need when it comes to build, deploy, run and maintain applications in our digital age. However it is clear and normal to observe that, this serenity is not comprehensive. Docker containers are still at the early stage; accessing logs generated within containers and their applications remain a challenge for a new comer. 
The real-time ability to collect both Application and Container Logs to improve App development and management is henceforth indispensable for DevOps and IT Ops teams that can quickly pinpoint the root cause of problems to deliver new applications faster and minimize inter alia: downtime. salutes the dynamic behind Graylog open source logmanagement platform with its added capabilities that can help to collect, centralize and analyze application container logs from within Docker.