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Showing posts from October 18, 2013

NVIDIA today unveiled NVIDIA G-SYNC™ technology: stakes and opportunities for Game Developers, Display Makers and more.

NVIDIA continues to demonstrate its capacities to bring enhancements or innovations where, they are needed. Today, with the goal to solve the problem of onscreen tearing, stuttering and lag NVIDIA unveiled NVIDIA G-SYNC™ technology which aims to enable good synchronization between the GPU and the display. Connectikpeople has discovered that,G-SYNC™ technology synchronizes the

Scientists from the Danish Stem Cell Centre are in the early stages of creating a working mini pancreas from stem cells.

Diabetes progressively becomes one of the most dangerous threats in our society, in terms number of cases reported and the lack of efficient treatments. But today Connectikpeople has been impressed by the researchers of the Danish Stem Cell

SAP announced the release of SAP Multichannel Foundation for Utilities software: stakes and opportunities for utilities.

SAP continues to focus on its concept of self service and its capacities to help utilities, change the dynamics of customer service. This means; enables utility companies to provide real-time, unified customer engagement through customer-preferred channels. According to SAP, Empowered customers are changing the way services are delivered as new generations of consumers expect a more

Another milestone for Cisco with about 100 Million Digital TV Homes and 340 Million Viewers in Asia Pacific.

What appears like a testament to Cisco commitment to Asia Pacific over the last 20 years progressively generates its fruits. By harnessing the fact that, this industry in Asia Pacific is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic in the world, Cisco, to succeed leverages on its partnerships

Dear professionals, Oracle Announces Major Updates to its Data Integration Portfolio.

The ‘war’ of offers and revenues between IBM and Oracle is more and more visible and strong. In this case Oracle progressively does not miss an occasion to mock its competitor. In fact following the recent release of IBM quarterly results, Oracle has immediately took this opportunity to point out that ‘’Oracle's software business has been growing faster than IBM's software business and now Oracle has moved up to become

Huawei is now a China Telecom’s partner in the global deployment of the backbone optical transport network (OTN).

With this new agreement, Huawei marks another important milestone in its international deployment and in the management of the big projects. In this project, Huawei will employ its OTN + wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) solution to efficiently deploy the high-bandwidth international private line services. The backbone OTNs will cover the US, UK, Sweden, Germany, Singapore, Hong Kong, and eight provinces of mainland

Microsoft has announced the release of Remote Desktop app for Android users: stakes and opportunities for professionals.

Following the acquisition of iTap last week,Microsoft has announced the release of Remote Desktop app for Android users. The app will allow users to access their Windows-powered computers on the go wherever they need it. 

Here is how ZTE provides renewable solar energy Solutions in Africa.

Despite the lack of strong infrastructures, good policies and constant power shortages, the Africa continent is the unique place in the world where all the potential sources of green energies are available in real time. (Solar, bio-gas, thermal, wind and sea current). Progressively despite lot of late into several projects, positive initiatives and actions are made. In this dynamic, ZTE Corporation a global provider of telecommunications

Dear professionals, the Nexus 5 looks like this, it'll cost from just US$350.

As you can imagine, progressively, our smartphones have to be useful as possible as, in terms of applications, specs, sensors, programs embarked.
Regarding the Nexus 5 (unofficial), its specs, especially sensors:

Advanced titanium alloys: Allegheny Technologies has extended its long-term agreement with The Boeing Company.

Official since yesterday, Connectikpeople observes that, the extension agreement covers value-added titanium mill products and provides opportunity for greater use of ATI's next-generation and advanced titanium alloys in both long product and flat-rolled product forms. “Through this expanded and extended agreement, ATI is well-positioned to participate in Boeing’s significant growth into the next decade. ATI’s strategic investments,

Mintigo, Stitch Fix and Minted have raised $73 million in fundings: stakes and opportunities for these startups.

Mintigo(founded in 2009, a San Mateo-based marketing intelligence company ), has raised $10 million in Series C funding led by Adams Street Partners with participation from Sequoia and Giza Venture Capital. Mintigo finds opportunities to engage good leads by searching for patterns in social and consumer data. Stitch Fix(founded in 2011, a San Francisco-based style startup), has raised $12 million in a Series B round led by Benchmark. This capital will be use to scale its

Google Inc. reported consolidated revenues of $14.89 billion for the quarter ended September 30, 2013: here is how!

If its Motorola division remains unprofitable (revenues were $1.18 billion, or 8% of consolidated revenues in the third quarter of 2013, compared to $1.78 billion, or 13% of consolidated revenues in the third quarter of 2012), Connectikpeople has captured an increase revenues of 12% compared to the third quarter of 2012. Google segment revenues were $13.77 billion, or 92% of consolidated revenues, in the

Windows 8.1 et Visual Studio 2013 disponibles au téléchargement.

Pour les fans des produits et services Microsoft, c’est le moment de voir ce qui peut vous exciter davantage chez Microsoft. En effet depuis quelques heures, Windows 8.1 et Visual Studio 2013 sont disponibles au téléchargement sur le Windows Store. La mise à jour est gratuite pour les utilisateurs de Windows 8, pour y arriver entre

Photovoltaic: AVACO today announced the development of a new concept.

If so far the photovoltaic concept has suffered of the lack of great efficiency, henceforth by using AVACO’s atomic layer deposition (ALD) process, the energy conversion efficiency improved to approximately 30% higher than the conventional CIGS solar cell