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Inside The Wordfile Editor , a free and powerful text editor for Eclipse

The Wordfile Editor is a stand-alone, ersatile and easy to use Eclipse editor for all text based programming languages. It is the ideal text, XML, HTML, PHP, Java, Javascript, Perl, and programmer's editor. Beside an elaborate syntax highlighting the editor supports additional features, such as code folding and content assistants.
The Wordfile Editor is a free and powerful text editor for Eclipse. Internally it is based on the great IDM UltraEdit and the concept of UltraEdit wordfiles for syntax highlighting, trying to adopt UltraEdit's philosophy for the Eclipse workbench. The editor does not require UltraEdit to work.
The editor supports any UltraEdit wordfile configuration. Therefore highlighting literally every programming language is possible. Also the code folding and content assistants are based on the wordfiles inputs.
IDM UltraEdit:
Extra UltraEdit Wordfiles:…

Learn more about Mylyn WikiText : parsing, editing and display capabilities to the Eclipse

Mylyn WikiText provides lightweight markup (wiki) parsing, editing and display capabilities to the Eclipse platform and Mylyn. Mylyn WikiText can also generate HTML, Docbook, DITA, XSL-FO, or Eclipse Help format, either via the API or by using Ant tasks. Mylyn WikiText also provides UI components (such as an editor) integrating with Eclipse and the Mylyn task editor.
WikiText has parsers for MediaWiki, Textile, Confluence, TracWiki and TWiki markup, and can be extended to support other languages.
More information about Mylyn WikiText is available here and in the TAATJENE
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About Chronon , a revolutionary time travelling debugger

Chronon is a special  time travelling debugger that allows you to actually 'step back' in your code while debugging.
Its a revolutionary new technology that consists of:
A “flight data recorder” for Java programs which can record every line of code executed inside a program and save it to a file on the disk. The file can be shared among developers and played back in our special time travelling debugger to instantly find the root cause of an issue.This also means that no bugs ever need to be reproduced!
A Time Travelling Debugger, with a novel UI that plugs seamlessly into Eclipse, which allows you to playback the recordings. It can not only step back and forth in your code but also to any point in the execution of your program.
Watch a video demo of Chronon.
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How Manage your team's Eclipse environment

Manage your team's Eclipse environment by using Yoxos to distribute Eclipse installations and configurations throughout your enterprise.
There are three great ways to get Yoxos working for your team:

Yoxos OnDemand – a free and open Eclipse ConfiguratorYoxos Hosted – a secure, hosted configurator exclusively for your team and enterprise.  Yoxos Enterprise – all the Yoxos features custom-configured onsite for your specific requirements.  Yoxos SecureSource - validated, virus scanned, signed and securely delivered Eclipse bundles
Yoxos provides the ability to manage, distribute and share configurations and to ensure the integrity and completeness of custom toolsets. Yoxos is based on a extensive library of Eclipse commercial and open source plug-ins. Suite of quality tools is designed to compose, validate and test Eclipse plug-ins. The composed toolsets can be reviewed for consistency, completeness and even the plug-in design quality.
Collaboration tools allow sharing of plug…