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New SaaS Platform (OneSpace Project Center) that allows businesses to engage on-demand talent

At the core of stakes, we have: efficient and flexible talent solution, a complete end-to-end solution for virtual talent management, managed workforce solutions to organizations, specialized on-demand talent, and unified virtual workspace for internal and external teams, Performance management and detailed workforce analytics. 
In effect, OneSpace has unveiled a new Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with the goal to bring highly efficient and flexible talent solutions to today’s enterprises.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure in our ever-connected digital world

The most interesting when it comes to Hyperconverged Infrastructure solution is the manageability and ease of operations, high availability, data protection, and operational experience. In effect, solution that offers a very rich set of global multisite data management functions, an always-on global deduplication architecture, a comprehensive set of backup, deduplication, snapshot, and clones with multisite data replication and (disaster recovery) capabilities along with wide-area network (WAN) optimization is a game-changer.

Bring software-defined memory (SDM) and storage-class memory (SCM) together

At the core of stakes, we have: larger system memory, DRAM for memory-intensive applications, in-memory-intensive applications, in-memory databases and cloud and high-performance computing applications, advancements in computer architecture and more. 
In effect, Intel and ScaleMP collaborate to bring software-defined memory (SDM) and storage-class memory (SCM) together.
For those who are unfamiliar, ScaleMP’s software-defined memory technology enables the use of DRAM placed in fabric-connected systems or the use of storage class memory (such as NVMe), as system memory - transparently (respectively, SDM-F and SDM-S). Therefore, more data can be analyzed in real time, leading to more insights and faster decision making. 
Then,Software Defined Memory technology solutions will allow Intel® Optane™ SSDs to be immediately and transparently useable as main system memory. This technology enables the creation of very high memory systems based on the Intel® SSD DC P3700 Series and future Intel® Opt…

Virtualization of technology in our ever-connected digital world

From classic IT infrastructure, the IT industry is moving toward an environment where every function is software-defined. 
In fact, virtualization of technology is becoming common, and the IT industry witnesses a paradigm shift in consumption and delivery of solutions to end-users. Data explosion in every industry vertical and the digital transformation across the world are also raising concerns over information storage functions. 
Virtualization can be implemented across any level of system layers, such as hardware and OS virtualization.
For instance, Enterprises can use virtualization technologies to improve the efficiency and agility of their networking and storage resources. 
For those who are unfamiliar, Network function virtualization (NFV) technology offers greater flexibility to firms. This technology is offered by software-defined compute and storage solutions. The NFV technology decouples intrusion detection, domain name system, network address translation, and firewalls, from t…