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Exciting and Promising Technological startups this week.

It is more and more difficult to innovate, develop new revolutionary concepts and provide reliable and effective solutions to real issues that face the world.
This week a set of Exciting and Promising Technological startups around the world have capture our attention including:
Live video blogging appMeerkat this week has closed on a $12 million Series B led by Greylock with participation from unnamed angels. Its reported value Meerkat has reached $52 million post-investment.
Improbableis developing an operating environment that makes building simulated worlds possible. The company has captured $20M / Series A this week from Andreessen Horowitz and Chris Dixon.
Localyticsis an analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps. Founded in 2009, Localytics has raised $60 million to date.
Cyanogen is an open-source Android startup that offers an alternative to Google's operating system. Founded in 2009, Cyanogen has raised nearly $110 million to date.
Hedvig is creating a distribut…