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Showing posts from September 14, 2012

Android Game: Go Head-to-Head against other Snipers from all around the world.

This series from Connectikpeople aims to help you at relax ! As key features , we have : Online mode for real-time Sniper operationsTeam up with other Sniper in Alliance Attack mode for counter terrorist operationOnline rankingOnline chatting with other Snipers in the worldUpgradable weaponry6 High quality maps30 Special MissionsSee more about tips and download here!

App Mobile : Programme SvaltrackII : Enjeux, Leçons, Opportunités pour l’Afrique dès 2013

Télécoms/Cameroon : Lumière sur les Enjeux économiques et sociaux MTN KDO

Vidéo : Comprendre les Enjeux et voir vidéo à polémique l’innocence de l’Islam

Google Developers Academy:Inside Google AdMob Ads SDK

This is Connectikpeople series for help you for improve your knowledge regarding Google Academy opportunities .

The Google AdMob Ads SDK is the next generation in Google mobile advertising featuring refined ad formats and streamlined APIs for access to Google's AdMob and DoubleClick For Publishers (upgraded DFP) [Android and iOS only] mobile advertising solutions. 
This state-of-the-art SDK enables mobile app developers to maximize their monetization on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone 7 by tapping into Google and AdMob’s vast combined pool of advertisers. DFP users can utilize the SDK [Android, iOS] to deliver directly sold ads into applications and monetize on unfilled inventory through the Google AdMob advertising network.(image from Google developers academy) CoursesAdMob Fundamentals Learn how to integrate the AdMob SDK into your project and request an AdMob ad.
AdMob Mediation Learn how to use AdMob Mediation to request ads from multiple ad…

Social Media Management: Inside the Sendible New Analytics Dashboard since September ,2012

Operation b70 : Leçons et Enjeux pour les Entreprises et Gouvernements en Afrique dès 2013