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Software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence, in our data-driven world.

Smart ROI (Return on Investment), performance, productivity, stability, smartcities, security and flexibility; this is where organizations, governments and enterprises can and will meet their growth and end-to-end competitiveness in our globalized world and ever changing business environment.
In this quest, a software platform for real-time Operational Intelligence can enable organizations and governments to search, monitor, analyze and visualize machine-generated big data coming from multiple sources including: sensing technologies, websites, applications, servers, networks, and mobile devices.
This means inter alia that, they can find a competitive edge, business insights, business-critical information, real-time analysis of data , understand industry needs ,critical to winning in today’s marketplace.

xamarin and IBM in mobile-driven world

Image is proud to observe that xamarin is partnering with IBM to bring consumer-grade front-ends built on Xamarin together with enterprise-grade back-ends. Developers can embed a pre-built software library into mobile apps to connect, secure and manage apps using IBM Worklight, as well as add a set of extensions that enable developers to configure and access the IBM Worklight server from a single environment. 

With Smartcomments, we transform, how people understand, appropriate, appreciate, and adopt technologies in our digital-driven world. Just what matters in real-time with the simplest words.

Android Auto and CarPlay in our digital-driven world.

Image, soon #Retinknow, just recalls that Apple and Android are also deeply involved in automotive industry. 

It is exciting to observe that, while CarPlay from Apple (the software platform that synchronizes iPhones to vehicle infotainment systems) was first-to-market and had the backing of OEMs such as BMW, Citroën, Ferrari, Jaguar/Land Rover, Mercedes, Peugeot, and Toyota , some car manufacturers are ‘delaying’ their rollouts of CarPlay.

Android Auto seems ramp-up quicker than previously expected. In fact, Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai, and Volvo have announced that they will include Android Auto in 2015 models. In addition, some OEMs have so far only announced they will be supporting Android Auto: Acura, Bentley, Infiniti, Maserati, Renault, SEAT, Škoda, and Volkswagen. 

The reality is that: This is a matter of preference related to car’s maker customers and the nature of Android, as a more open platform. It is also exciting to encourage car makers to support both systems.


Personal finance tech is exploding,

With Smartcomments, we transform, how people understand, appropriate, appreciate, and adopt technologies in our digital-driven world. Just what matters in real-time with the simplest words.
This week we can observe that Personal finance tech is exploding, as wealth management and investment services startupsPersonal Capital and Wealthfront both recorded large Series D rounds to total $114 million in venture funding since Monday.
Ribbit Capital, a financial services-focused investment firm , also arecent Wealthfront backer, seems well determined to speed the trend.

Our global Cyber Awareness System focuses on the open-source Wget application.

Image, soon #Retinknow recalls that the open-source Wget application which is most widely used on Linux and Unix systems for retrieving files from the web is vulnerable.
If unfamiliar, GNU Wget is a command-line utility designed to retrieve files from the Web via HTTP, HTTPS, and FTP. You can install Wget on any Unix-like system, including on others environments, like Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, OpenVMS, MorphOS and AmigaOS.
The vulnerability reported to the GNU Wget project by HD Moore, chief research officer at Rapid7. The flaw is considered critical since wget is present on nearly every Linux server in the world.
We recommend Users and Administrators, to reviewfixed Wget project in wget 1.16, which can block the default setting that allowed the setting of local symlinks.
An exploit for the vulnerability is available (download the exploit) on the open-source Metasploit penetration testing Website. Security researchers could test the bug.

Build reliable, scalable and secure APIs in our digital-driven world.

At, soon #Retinknow, we are proud to observe that, the culture of performance; security and the productivity is more adopted within the API industry.
Comprehensive, flexible, integrated, scalable, and affordable platforms to help development, testing and operations teams build reliable, scalable and secure APIs are widely available.
The convergence of specific APIs and keys tools, via intuitive user interface is encouraged by, soon #Retinknow. 
Ready! API is paving its way within this vertical and it is available for download at:

Next Generation Web Technologies.

Mankind is meeting, an unmatched digital transformation, in terms of services, technologies and applications.  HTML5, as the fifth major revision of the format used to build Web pages and applications, plays and will play a seminal role when it comes to the Open Web Platform, and lowering the cost of creating rich applications to reach users everywhere.
Beyond a set of limits related to user experience, compared to native apps, the Recommendation of HTML5 is already available and brings: Web video and audio tracks without needing plugins; visual images on the fly; native support for scalable vector graphics (SVG) and math (MathML); features to enable accessibility of rich applications; and much more. The Test the Web Forwardcommunity plays an important and ongoing part in driving Open Web Platform interoperability, and W3C is growing to accommodate the use cases of the payments, automotive, digital publishing, telecommunications, and entertainment industries.