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A search engine-like interface that makes threat intelligence both interactive and actionable.

The ability to tie malicious activity to the domain names, URLs and IP addresses used by attackers in real-time is critical when it comes to network security and DNS services.
Security professionals need: contextual security information and actionable data, wide and real-time visibility into global threats. A holistic paradigm that can help them accelerate and streamline investigations, decrease incident response times and uncover potential attacks before they are launched. 
So, encourages the momentum behind OpenDNS Investigate; a global threat intelligence technology that can provide query-based and API-driven access to a massive database of domains, IP addresses and autonomous system numbers (ASNs) that the company collects, categorizes and enriches in real-time.

Enterprise resource management applications (ERP) On the Cloud.

It is exciting to observe that ERP continues to be a critical enterprise application in the IT portfolio of manufacturing enterprises for day-to-day operations, with an ever increasing demand on performance and functionality with cost pressures.
Henceforth, Cloud based deployment is an attractive option that should definitely be on the check-list for decision makers.
Cloud based deployment of applications in a SaaS type of model becomes mature and organizations feel more and more comfortable in adopting it.
Critical applications such as ERP and supply chain planning will see more deployment on the cloud. 
It is clear however that, Security and Privacy continues to be an area of concern and organizations should have consistent policies for all components of the ERP application. 
With the convergence of IT and OT (Operations Technology), ERP and its associated enterprise IT applications are undergoing transformation in the type of information they store, their functionalities for business p…

Collaboration Platform with Integrated Social Intranet Capabilities in our mobile age.

A comprehensive-flexible suite of diverse apps that can be customized and scaled to meet the organization’s need are always recommended by
The stakes are huge when it comes to: better performance and promote a culture of healthy, positive, fair growth. Understanding of how businesses are expected to operate and grow in the future. Enhance team collaboration, productivity and simplify internal communication and more. 
The bet ofClintra is encouraging as it fosters collaboration software suite that incorporates inter alia: CRM, document and project management, timesheets, a learning management system, and a social intranet to serve as a powerful communication platform with features such as one-on-one chat, video conferencing, and whiteboard.

Eliminate the concept of cold storage in our data-driven age also means!

The increased amount of data from multiple sources within organizations and enterprises is exciting and full of opportunities. But this gold-mine can become also annoying if stakeholders do not foster the culture of data when it comes to streamline their decision-making.
Henceforth with you are aware of the challenges, opportunities and stakes related to our data-driven world.
Data-centric organizations need, henceforth: a simple, low-cost, fast-response storage service with quick data backup, retrieval and access.
This paradigm is at the heart of what, calls: ‘Eliminate the concept of cold storage’.
Data is a new oil, so you can no longer afford to throw it away. It’s critical for organizations to conduct analysis against this data to gain market intelligence and stay competitive. salutes the dynamic behind Google Cloud Storage Nearline that can improve users’ experience with Cloud Storage Nearline, Cloud Storage Transfer Servicea…