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Enterprise-grade access and filtering for the full Twitter stream.

At we believe that the future of data is also in the cloud. Innovations on cloud infrastructures and in the cloud services are exciting when it comes to streamline your real-time access to critical data.
So salutes the arrival open-source connector called Twitter-for-BigQuery that streams Tweets directly into BigQuery.  For those who unfamiliar, recalls that, the connector can retrieve the last 30 days of data for the defined Tweet stream.  
The APIs for the connector are provided by Gnip, which can offer enterprise-grade access and filtering for the full Twitter stream. Users can use this connector to define the filters for certain hashtags and usernames, and consequently streams tweets matching these filters in real time directly into BigQuery using for example the Tabledata.insertAllmethod.

SOA and middleware testing services and cloud-based software testing services in our digital age.

Our digital requires the best-quality at each stage. The stakes are huge when it comes to streamline every experience, improve security and privacy, generate new revenue streams and enhance the productivity and inter alia allocate more flexible resources.
At, we are proud that, more and more a large number of organizations require testing services in the product development process to ensure a quality product. 
In fact, the cost of error detection during the development cycle is less than the cost of fixing it during the requirement stage or the design stage or the implementation phase. Software product vendors, such as HP and IBM, are specialized in products/applications that are targeted specifically at testing large-scale applications. 
According to Research and Markets, the availability of such testing applications has allowed independent software service providers to facilitate software testing services. Key Vendorsinclude : Accenture Capgemini HP IBM Microsoft TCS…

Best Practices to Protect You, Your Network, and Your Information

Image recalls that, the National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center (NCCIC) and its partners responded to a series of data breaches in the public and private sector over the last year, helping organizations through incident response actions, conducting damage assessments, and implementing restoration and mitigation actions.
During NCCIC’s recent work, following best practices proved extremely effective in protecting networks, the information residing on them, and the equities of information owners. The recently updated National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework highlights best practices.
At we also believe that, Cybersecurity is a risk management issue.  Experiences demonstrate that individuals and organizations may reduce risk when they implement cybersecurity best practices. 
The following are examples of best practices you should consider implementing today as part of your cybersecurity strategy: 1.Implement T…