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The General Availability of AOS to Automate the Data Center Network

At the core of stakes, we have: time and cost to deploy and operate leaf/spine network designs; unparalleled debugging ability; turn-key manner, network from a single pane of glass; configuration generation and deployment, resource management, device lifecycle management, and unmatched visibility through high-resolution, real time telemetry. In effect, Apstra,Inc. has announced general availability (GA) of AOS 1.0, which enables network engineers to operate their network from a single pane of glass. AOS integrates the components required to design, build, deploy, and operate the data center network services.

Resolve the issue of management of dispersed data

It is henceforth clear that, the increasing vast amount of unstructured data that our ever-connected world generates; requires technology that can index the unstructured data into sequential order. In fact, resolve the issue of management of dispersed data. 
Zoolz, a UK-based provider of cloud storage solution, bets on Zoolz Intelligent Cloud, a backup solution to convert unstructured data into a sequential order. 
This cloud backup solution has features that can help enterprises sort and filter data and provide users access to files using intelligent content filter technology and e-discovery search engines.