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Mining companies, as actual pioneers when it comes to autonomous vehicles and private LTE network deployments

For those who are unfamiliar, private LTE and Wi-Fi mesh wireless technologies support driverless trucks, trains and drills in mines, introducing cost efficiency and operational safety, while making modern mines safer, smarter, and more autonomous.
ABI Research predicts that over US$2.9 billion, 1.5% out of total mining CAPEX, will be spent by the mining sector on private network in 2022; led by demand for wireless broadband technology, such as private LTE and Wi-Fi mesh.
Between the two technologies, private LTE sets to see greater adoption. Economy of scales through 3GPP standardizations and advancement in LTE hardware and software technologies continues to make LTE technology more powerful and cost friendly, according to the firm.
Many analysts believe that, mining sector will be aggressive in deploying wireless technologies and this deserves the attention of LTE vendors and service providers.

New IBM Patents System aims to Secure Cryptographic Keys and Codes for Data Protection

At the core of stakes, we havean approach for utilizing the inherent structure of a printed circuit board (PCB) to protect cryptographic keys and codes in a manner that is designed to be highly tamper-resistant. The invention could help protect keys and codes that encrypt data stored on any platform whether your data is in the cloud or an enterprise storage system. IBM was granted U.S. Patent 8,938,627: Multilayer securing structure and method thereof for the protection of cryptographic keys and code for this invention.

Protecting cryptographic keys and codes that are used to encrypt and decrypt data

For those who are unfamiliar, protecting cryptographic keys and codes that are used to encrypt and decrypt data is fundamental to effective information security. In fact, when cryptographic keys and codes are stored on modules within an electronic device, preventing physical tampering or access to those modules is important to help prevent the keys and codes from being compromised.