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Here is how financial institutions can detect fraudulent online and mobile activity and unauthorized transactions.

Threats surrounding financial institutions and services in our digital-driven world are various, sophisticated and they evolve dangerously.
To mitigate these threats, financial institutions, need banking security solutions that detect fraudulent online and mobile activity and unauthorized transactions. 
They need banking security solutions that deliver anomaly detection services; behavioral analytics solutions; that proactively monitor all online and mobile accounts and detect account takeover, account reconnaissance and suspicious transactions. 
Early detection of the threats is critical, as financial institutions look to enhance their digital banking solutions and want create a secure experience for their end users.

Relationship Science in our data-driven world.

When it comes to relationship, what matters most, is our ability to share happiness and anticipate misinformation anywhere and anytime. Thanks to the emerging technologies which are the unmatched catalysis to improve our living conditions.
At, soon #Retinknow, we think of that, Relationship Science in our data-driven world means: timely and accurate intelligence on the professionals and businesses that matter most to your business success.  It means, actionable business intelligence on the people and businesses that matter to you; capitalize on your collective relationships; create opportunities through the relationships people and organizations; updates about the organizations where your contacts work ; helping clients maximize existing relationships; capture and leverage your relationship capital with the influential decision makers that matter, and turning individual knowledge into institutional knowledge across the enterprise.
The stakes here are, to be more produc…

The greatest risks to enterprise data.

As data breaches, threats and attacks against enterprise data, are more and more various and sophisticated. In this context,,can observe that privilege abuse from IT staff; human error, the culture of negligence; databases; a fear of inside attacks; malicious code and viruses in your systems; few safeguards in place against accidental or intentional staff abuse and lack of actionable data security strategies in place to properly manage sensitive customer and organizational data, are the greatest risks to enterprise data.
Therefore,, recommends database security managers, database administrators, and directors or managers of IT in companies, to appropriate these issues and design actionable data security strategies in place to properly manage sensitive customer and organizational data.

A ready-to-fly system ,all-in-one flying platform that anyone can fly.

There are no doubts, on how, civil drones will transform and can democratize, how and where people and enterprises can interact and learn, understand and safeguard our landscapes.
The increasing sophistication of civil drones brings additional visual-relevant tool to help making informed decisions in real-time and anywhere. Inspire 1, a new DJI’s most advanced drone, is an exceptional machine that anyone can fly. 
Features are exciting: See what your camera sees in real-time; dedicated controls for the shutter; Optional dual-controller support; 360⁰ view of the world below; Optional dual-operator control; accurate position holding even when GPS is unavailable; a comprehensive mobile app and more.

Achieve a successful DevOps transformation in our data-driven world.

Growing demands for IT resources are unmatched, as people, organizations and enterprises go live on mobile.
In this pressing environment, DevOps practices, solutions and methodologies can bring peace in minds, when it comes to: Unify IT development and operations teams to drive faster and more effective development, deployment and management of high-quality applications;Use APIs to build applications and open new revenue opportunities;Enable parallel development efforts and improve application quality;Enable rapid application delivery;improve in productivity;Reduce costs in development, test and quality assurance areas;Accelerate development and deployment cycles and drive higher performance to meet growing end-user demands;offer high-speed, high-quality release automation;Address the most pressing IT delivery issues enterprises are facing;Automate complex release deployments, reduce errors and speed up application delivery. It is also critical to develop strong network of partners to o…

Oculus Mobile SDK to get started developing Virtual Reality apps for mobile.

The smartheadset devices pending their global democratization and their maturation, are a place where, developers can transform how people consume videos, games, cinema, and photos. The user experience announces very exciting with amazing Virtual Reality apps. Oculus, a Facebook company has unveiled the Oculus Mobile SDK v0.4.0, bringing full-source code for Oculus Cinema, Oculus 360 Photos, and Oculus 360 Videos under an open license. An out-of-the-box integration for Unity 4.5, with samples to help get your Unity VR project up and running quickly, is also available.

New developers please, get started with theMobile SDK Overview., soon #Retinknow recalls that, the initial version of the Oculus Mobile SDK is specifically designed for the Samsung Gear VR Innovator Edition on Note 4.