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Showing posts from September 16, 2013

Report: Here is the ‘’latest’’ analysis of Ghana's Telecoms markets and research on leading companies in the country.

As investors, telecoms operators, analysts, you are certainly excited to find out about Ghana’s Telecoms market (Opportunities, Risk Management, Competitor AnalysisTrend Analysis, Regulatory Environment and more); this report aims to help to discover a set of realities susceptible to accompany you in your business. Connectikpeople has discovered that, this report covers the fixed-line, mobile and internet segments and analysis of the latest regulatory developments and corporate

Nuance Communications, Inc. , announced a specialized version of Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition .

With the final goal to enable physicians using Epic’s electronic health record (EHR) system to optimize their productivity and documentation qualityNuance Communications, Inc., announced a specialized version of Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition. Connectikpeople has observed that, this means that, as from now, physicians can spend more time with patients, accelerates

Avec le nouveau iPhone5S et l’arrivée probable du HTC One Max et autres, la bataille de la biométrie sur les samartphonse est lancée.

Si la bourse a mal accueilli l’arrivée des nouveaux Smartphones d’Apple en l’occurrence iPhone 5C et 5S, il reste que l’innovation majeur qui a accompagnée cette nouvelle ligne d’iPhones est sans doute l’intégration dans l’iPhone 5S d’un lecteur

IBM wants to Help Companies Improve Marketing Performance in Real-Time: stakes and opportunities.

According to the IBM 2013 State of Marketing Survey, $83 billion in sales is lost each year due to poor, inconsistent customer experiences. Based on this reality, and others, IBM launched the IBM Digital Marketing Network in the cloud, with the final goal to help chief marketing officers (CMOs) and their teams more quickly and easily

Three Tech video that have gained our attention this weekend.

On our catalog, we have nabbed this car powered by solar panels Here, Rolls Royce Motor Cars unveils the 102EX during the IFA

Textron AirLand, today unveiled Scorpion: the ‘’world’s most affordable tactical jet aircraft’’

Design and build and fly the world’s most affordable tactical jet aircraft capable of performing lower-threat battlefield and homeland security missions, was the objective of Textron AirLand, as of January 2012. In September 2013, the objective is almost reached. The Scorpion prototype, a versatile Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance

Bouygues Telecom France annonce un son surround 5.1 DTS sur le service de vidéo sur demande (VOD) Bbox Sensation.

La télé à la demande est une tendance qui prend pied progressivement dans les ménages : on commande, on ne regarde que, ce que l’on veut au moment voulu. Plus les différentes technologies, s’améliorent, davantage, la tendance attire les clients IPTV, câble et fibre. Connectikpeople a observé que le son surround 5.1 DTS, piloté par la solution Neural

American Industrial Systems (AIS) introduces a new family of Multi-Touch Panel PCs and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) .

In its commitment help transportation applications maximize the availability of assets and infrastructure for revenue generation, while assuring safety and security with less cost and impact on their customers, today, American Industrial Systems(AIS) introduces a new family of Multi-Touch Panel PCs and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs). Connectikpeople has observed that, its aims to be essential for transportation and

Huawei’s SoftCOM Business Initiatives Zoom-in (BIZ) program: stakes and opportunities.

Launched in June 2013 with the goal to help carriers benefit from the potential commercial value of SoftCOM by identifying application scenarios via in-depth study into each network field and developing SDN/NFV solutions that can be quickly applied to current networks; Huawei increasingly impresses in terms of Research and development, market share, business strategy, lobbying and technologies. Henceforth via this portfolio, Huawei aims to help progress the application of SDN in

Weeknd roundup : Nokia et Android et fuite premières images nouveau KindleFire et Galaxy Note 3.

Âprement commenté et discuté durant la semaine dernière, le projet de Nokia comme smartphone alimenté par Android semble avoir été confirmé par Nokia, mais sans toutefois en dire davantage en ce qui concerne le contenu du projet. La division mobile de Nokia est depuis quelques jours propriété de Microsoft, difficiledonc dans ce

Study: “Today, Bluetooth v4.0’s success has been largely due to its rapid adoption in smartphones, media tablets and more.

If we can observe easily the rapid implementation of different types of sensors inside the Smartphones and Tablets, Connectikpeople can also note that, a technology like Bluetooth has rapidly evolved since more or less 2010. According to ABI Research, ‘’Bluetooth Smart node devices accounted for less than

Warning: BackDoor.Saker.1, the malignant program capable of bypassing (UAC) according to Doctor Web.

For those, who unfamiliar, Connectikpeople may recall that, Doctor Web is a Russian anti-virus company. In its commitment to help secure and improve your online presence, the company announced having detected a malignant program BackDoor.Saker.1, which is capable of bypassing the User Account Control (UAC). According to Doctor Web the program's main function is to execute directives from

Now, with the latest version of the YouTube Data API, v3 , you can find the most relevant videos and channel.

As you can observe, because of the huge diversified number of videos released an available everyday on YouTube, progressively, it become too difficult for its users to find and enjoy relevant contents or channels. Jeff Posnick, who is part of YouTube API Team, is aware of this situation. Therefore he has unveiled YouTube Data API, v3, to help find the