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Report: Here is the ‘’latest’’ analysis of Ghana's Telecoms markets and research on leading companies in the country.

Nuance Communications, Inc. , announced a specialized version of Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition .

Avec le nouveau iPhone5S et l’arrivée probable du HTC One Max et autres, la bataille de la biométrie sur les samartphonse est lancée.

IBM wants to Help Companies Improve Marketing Performance in Real-Time: stakes and opportunities.

Three Tech video that have gained our attention this weekend.

Textron AirLand, today unveiled Scorpion: the ‘’world’s most affordable tactical jet aircraft’’

Bouygues Telecom France annonce un son surround 5.1 DTS sur le service de vidéo sur demande (VOD) Bbox Sensation.

American Industrial Systems (AIS) introduces a new family of Multi-Touch Panel PCs and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) .

Huawei’s SoftCOM Business Initiatives Zoom-in (BIZ) program: stakes and opportunities.

Weeknd roundup : Nokia et Android et fuite premières images nouveau KindleFire et Galaxy Note 3.

Study: “Today, Bluetooth v4.0’s success has been largely due to its rapid adoption in smartphones, media tablets and more.

Warning: BackDoor.Saker.1, the malignant program capable of bypassing (UAC) according to Doctor Web.

Now, with the latest version of the YouTube Data API, v3 , you can find the most relevant videos and channel.