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Apache Kafka Technology, distributed platforms, real-time processing and Live Data to the Enterprise

The importance of real-time data in the modern enterprise is now undeniable when it comes to gain actionable value and business insights in our digital age shaped by the rapid expansion of mobile devices and applications, a growing deluge of Web application data, and the emerging Internet of Things (IoT). In fact, more and more data is taking the form of real-time streams. Traditional databases and file systems are ill-equipped to handle stream data. a new class of data management infrastructure is needed to handle this imminent, critical need. Organizations are struggling to transition towards distributed platforms in general and real-time processing in particular.
Based on this reality, recalls that, the Confluent Platform, built around Apache Kafkaemphasizes the growing importance of real-time data in the modern enterprise. 
Apache Kafka helps cope with the very large-scale data ingestion and processing requirements of the business networking service.
Kafka is becomi…

Internet and mobile-based services: More than $250M pour in Cybersecurity last week

With investors like Insight Venture Partners (Lead),and Accel, Tenable a company that provides cybersecurity software for businesses and governments sets a new record for the largest private funding raised by a cybersecurity company.$13Mfor AppDome , an emerging Israeli cybersecurity startup that provides mobile application security-as-a-service.
Overall, when it comes to funding meant for Internet and mobile-based services, more than $569M have been captured last week.
$60M/Series Cfor Careem , a private car booking service based in the Middle East that allows users to order a ride online or through its mobile app. The company will use the new funding to expand into new markets. Investors include:Abraaj Group (Lead), STC Ventures, Lumia Capital.
$32M/Series Dfor Schoology , a cloud-based learning management system that allows teachers and students to collaborate. With $57M in total funding to date. Investors include:JMI Equity (Lead), Intel Capital, FirstMark Capital, Great Road Holdings…

Scalable, distributed, high-throughput, asynchronous messaging for Cloud applications

The widely-used Apache Kafka messaging engine is henceforth indispensable in our data-driven age where, messaging apps and the mobility is at the core of our digital lives and experiences.
In this momentum, REST and Apache Kafka API play an awesome role and provide the powerful dynamism required. 
IBM is bringing this popular open source messaging engine to the Bluemix platform in the form of a service. salutes this momentum and recalls that IBM Message Hub is now available as a new Bluemix service in beta.
Message Hub can provide scalable, distributed, high-throughput, asynchronous messaging for Cloud applications. 
Message Hub can be ideal for building apps in a microservices architecture. This can make it easy for developers to scale apps and deploy changes to individual microservices, without having to recycle the entire application for every minor change. 
Then you have the choice of using a REST or Apache Kafka API to communicate with other applications, and builds …

Streaming Analytics in our date-driven age

Systems and operations within data-centric enterprises are massively flooded by vast among of datasets henceforth at the heart of critical stakes.
Now with the emergence of the new IT Convergence, Streaming Analytics can give developers a more efficient way to visualize data, and can help expand the use of data analytics to a much broader base of users throughout businesses.
For example, the recent addition of the Streaming Analytics service, at IBM can help organizations spot opportunities, value, actionable insights and risks across all data incoming from their systems and operations.
Developers can analyze millions of events per second to enable sub-millisecond response times and instant decision-making.