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Here are the 10 most common causes of, Data Center Downtime according to Emerson Network.

Increasingly Data Center Downtimes are reported, and observed. The causes ,seem to be diverse from one case to another. According to the 2013 study on Data Center outages by the Ponemon Institute, sponsored by Emerson Network Power, cyber attacks jumped significantly as

iOS 7.0.2 with Fix for Lock Screen Passcode Security Flaw and more released.

Following the bypassing of Apple’s Touch ID by the Germany’s Chaos Computer Club (CCC), 4 days ago, Apple released this afternoon iOS 7.0.2 update for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Connectikpeople has observed that, the update brings a fix for a

Toshiba has unveiled a Bluetooth® IC Supporting Two Communication Methods: stakes and opportunity.

Despite the fact that, the two communication methods are not interoperable, Connectikpeople can observe that, the “TC35661SBG-501”, a Bluetooth® IC compliant with both Bluetooth® Basic Rate and Bluetooth® Low Energy communications , offers interoperability with a wide range of

Digital signage: The world’s largest tiled electronic paper display sign at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

With the goal to provide delegates with scheduling, news and other relevant information when needed, , "E Ink", (a digital signage and display visionary); MpicoSys, (a developer and supplier of customized, low power, compact solutions for secure access, signage and RFID labeling); and Pervasive Displays Inc.® (PDi), (a designer and manufacturer of electronic paper modules for commercial and industrial display applications), announced the unveiling of the world’s largest tiled electronic paper display sign at

Casque radio et dispositif de cryptage téléphonique pour des communications vocales et des sessions de conférence inter réseau universelles sécurisées.

Dans les domaines aussi pointus que casque radio, dispositif de cryptage téléphonique pour des communications vocales et des sessions de conférence inter réseau universelles sécurisées, il y’a peu de marge d’erreurs, car chaque erreur se paye cache. Aujourd’hui, Technical Communications Corporation annonce le lancement du dispositif de cryptage HSE 6000 de casque radio et téléphone pour sécuriser les

IBM today announced a $27.9 million Smarter Education project in Georgia.

With this new project, IBM expands its longstanding partnership with GCPS and helps implement the eCLASS vision across the district. The $27.9 million Smarter Education project with Gwinnett County Public Schools (GCPS), the largest school system in Georgia aims to aims to change the way teachers teach and students learn. Connectikpeople has observed that, if fully implemented, eCLASS will bring together curriculum and instructional resources, assessment, professional development, student

Dear sirs here are, how Silicon chips now have a viable alternative with carbon nanotubes (CNT).

The breakthrough comes from Stanford team leads by Stanford professors Subhasish Mitra and H.S. Philip Wong. With their recent findings were able to fashion a basic computer with 178 transistors. The machine can: ·Perform tasks like counting and number sorting. ·Supports a basic operating system that allows it to switch between these two tasks. ·Run MIPS, a commercial instruction set designed back in the 1980s, allowing it to run over 20 different instructions. In fact what we can learn on this new technology is that, a basic computer was powered by microscopic chains of carbon atoms, means we may have finally found a viable alternative to silicon chips. So! where was the problem?, Connectikpeople may recall that, back in 1965, Intel Corp. co-founder Gordon Moore famously predicted that the density of transistors

SAP bolsters its Global Public Services and Healthcare Industries by Naming Mark White General Manager.

Mark White, state of services inside the company since 2002, have been well appreciated and progressively she has implemented its vision of business. His nomination as general manager of the global public services and healthcare industries, demonstrates its ability to gather and create value. Henceforth, white will be responsible for SAP’s public services and healthcare footprint, which covers

Toshiba has launched the industry’s ‘’first’’ dual camera module for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices.

If Toshiba innovations capabilities are well appreciated and proved, progressively, due to the increasing demand in mobile market, Toshiba must double its efforts in time -to- market and R&D. Today, the Japanese company, has unveiled its dual camera module for smartphones, tablets and mobile devices. Billed as the ‘’first’’ dual camera module for smartphones,

Cisco has released its semiannual Cisco IOS Software Security Advisory Bundled Publication.

As usual with the same philosophy, Connectikpeople has observed that, this publication includes eight Security Advisories that address vulnerabilities in Cisco IOS Software. According to Cisco, exploits of these vulnerabilities could result in a denial of service (DoS) condition,

Startups Calendar, October 01 to October 03, 2013.

Connectikpeople has captured for you the Tech Events as follow: October 03, 2013, Omaha, NE, Straight Shot, is Omaha’s first e-commerce and SaaS focused technology accelerator. October 03, 2013, Santa Monica, CA, LA CEOsbrings together CEOs, Founders, Entrepreneurs, and Board Members to help startups and growth companies accelerate success. October 01, 2013 , Sioux City, IA , RXA Technologyannounced Base 3 , a one-night

Google for entrepreneurs announced a Tech Hub Network with seven partners, initially located in North America.

Progressively this project demonstrates its utility and efficiency in its capacity to create jobs and value by helping startups grow in about 100 countries around the world. Google for entrepreneurs wants to consolidate this momentum; therefore today they announced a Tech Hub Network with seven partners, initially located in North America. 1871 (Chicago), American Underground (Durham), Coco (Minneapolis),