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Critical and Actionable: trends, strategies, data and insights behind the mobile Games apps industry.

One can call the infatuation behind and around this industry like a casual-age due to the type and the content of the mobile Games apps appreciated by the gamers around the world. 

Beyond this reality, recalls the following strategies:
unconventional monetization model;
doing freemium differently;
On one-on-one or single player battles;
massively multiplayer;
Global battles taking place simultaneously;
·Real-time social interactions between players of multiple nationalities, and real-time language translator, are the game-changing when it comes to succeed in this industry and help guide your critical business decisions.

Help Public Sector to Drive Efficiencies and Reduce Costs Using Hybrid Cloud Platform: stakes and realities.

The task is exciting, necessary and challenging in our mobile-driven age where data is the most critical asset.
In addition to the basic requirements of privacy and performance, security and flexibility, productivity and agility, Help Public Sector to Drive Efficiencies and Reduce Costs Using Hybrid Cloud Platform to Transform Their IT Infrastructures, also means:
Enable public sector organizations to extend their on-premises IT infrastructure seamlessly to the public cloud,
Hybrid cloud is compatible with existing public sector applications and also makes it easy to build new cloud-native applications, delivering agility and efficiency in a secure, reliable and compliant manner,
Enable the public sector to keep business-critical applications in-house and also take advantage of the scalability of public clouds securely, without having to invest in new tools, skills or under-used on-premises capacity,
Have the flexibility to run applications wherever they like across their IT infrastructur…

Accelerators for enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) in our cloud-driven age.

The flexibility and the productivity provided in real-time by the cloud-based technologies, processes and services are more and more exciting. 
Beyond a set of worries related to privacy, performance and security, new hybrid cloud architectures and new enhanced containers are more and more compelling. Increasing regulations, shifting competitive environments, or the need to constantly innovate; this set is henceforth among our daily realities. 
This means inter alia that, organizations, financial services, public sector, and engineering and construction industries, need: ·Purpose-built tools to effectively address the challenges associated with managing project, program, portfolio, and contract lifecycles in their respective industries, Cloud-based, specialized solutions can bring peace in minds if they can inter alia: ·Provide end-to-end functionalities for managing, tracking, and executing service innovation initiatives, operational projects, and process changes across the enterprise, ·Pro…

Market data solution for the consumer app store economy: February 2015.

The Worldwide App Annie Index for Apps February 2015 is already there! Zero major new trends: social media apps, dating apps, multifunction messaging apps, keyboard and security apps continue to lead excitements around the world, in terms of popularity and revenue generated. Facebook, Google and Apple are top publishers around the world. Personalization-driven strategy has been very effective in emerging markets and top apps, Google Play and iOS combined include:360 Mobile Security(trough Google Play): an all-in-one utility for malware protection, memory optimization, power saving, app/file management, remote device location/locking and even privacy locking at the app level. Pandora radio, Spotify and Line for iOS; Sungy Mobile’s GO Keyboard saw its downloads surge.