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Predictive Analytic Technology for Proactive Health Monitoring.

When it comes to help improve quality of life, living conditions, each initiative or technology is always welcome. In our new digital world, Big Data Analytics technologies help us delivering health information through medical or consumer devices. The person monitored in real-time can get health updates based on their own health background or exercise. A set of technology is designed to bring new insights to physiology vital-sign monitoring for applications ranging from helping doctors to better understand their patients with chronic medical conditions to empowering the informed consumer to take greater control of their health. In this field, the PhysIQ platform, has drawn our attention. The PhysIQ platform can construct a personalized baseline norm for each person monitored. It can detect subtle changes in vital signs and other health indicators helpful to both clinicians in managing patients who are suffering from chronic illness, as well as consumers interested in tracking their own …

DevNet de Cisco, une nouvelle opportunité pour les développeurs et de nouvelles sources de valeur ajoutée pour les entreprises.

Cisco continue de dominer le marché mondial des équipements réseaux, avec une belle emprise sur les télécoms. Une position de leader très convoitée par les chinois Huawei et ZTE, qui sont désormais très visible dans le top 5. La mobilité, la collaboration, la sécurité et le SDN, des tutoriels, bac à sable pour faciliter l’intégration, sont désormais incontournables dans l’industrie de numérique. Il revient donc à chaque acteur de trouver, d’implémenter et de suivre la meilleure approche pour son épanouissement.,bientôt #Retinknow® salue la nouvelle initiative de Cisco, DevNet, un portail communautaire qui proposera un certain nombre d’outils et de ressources pour encourager le développement d’un écosystème d’applications basées sur ses équipements. Au service des développeurs, on aura une équipe d’évangélises, d’ingénieurs et de chefs produits, et une boutique d’applications sera lancé très bientôt pour les entreprises.

Understand the true state of your customers in real-time, their buying intent and churn risk, and be proactive in driving revenue.

It is always exciting to see how the emerging technologies such as sensors, machine learning, machine data, Big Data Analytics and more, can transform our vision of a set of things. We are in real-time surrounded by the tons of data and information, but most often, we lack vision, strategies, technologies, good methodologies and practices to understand and get actionable insights from these data in real-time. 
In our knowledge-driven world, all is possible and knowledge is the key when it comes to markets, new opportunities, security, great revenue and sustainable development. soon #Retinknow® is a must-attend landmark to help you leverage in real-time all the amazing opportunities from the emerging technologies such as sensors, mobile, machine learning, Big Data Analytics and more. 
As part of our globalCommitment, we always recommend the spirit of collaboration when it comes to cybersecurity, user experience, customer-experience, relevant incomes, and more. In this fi…

Systems integration market in Egypt and the Middle East: Giza Systems paves its way.

When it comes to the living of enterprise, there is, what soon #Retinknow®, calls ‘’ the phase of reality’’. This step is always crucial in terms of solidity and the long-term growth. One finds within this ‘’  phase of reality’’, the ability for each enterprise to consolidate its assets, generate new opportunities, innovate, entice new investors, achieve strategic acquisitions and conquer new markets. soon #Retinknow®, hails the dexterity of Giza Systems, when it comes to expand its assets in systems integration by synergizing its offerings portfolio with VAS Integrated Solutions' cloud-based integration and space virtualization services for B2B enablement, simplification, and innovation. Giza Systems acquires from Bull all shares owned by the Group in VAS Integrated Solutions, representing 80% majority stake in VIS. Therefore, soon #Retinknow®, encourages Giza Systems, to leverage the emerging technologies,good practices and…

Mobile Data Services: here is what soon #Retinknow® recommends to mobile operators.

It is clear that, until now, mobilevoice remains the main driver of the total revenue from mobile operators, but with the proliferation of theLTE services, the surge uptake of mobile video, the increase of mobile capabilities, the sophistication of a set of sensors, the high proliferation of cloud services, the sophistication of the multifunction messaging apps and the native adoption of the social media across the world, soon #Retinknow® recalls that, Mobile data revenue will become the main driver of the total mobile revenue very soon. This means mobile operators need to be proactive when it comes to the market trend by leveraging emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, Social and Cloud, in order to continue to grow and stay competitive. They also need to maximize their network capacity to enhance user experience.
Because, higher speed and lower latency of LTE will enhance user experience, hence retaining existing users and attracting new u…