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New approach inside Amazon Web Service CloudFormation: Stakes and Opportunities

Following the release of cost allocation reports and tagging, a system that allows you to organize and track your Amazon Web Service resources and their associated cost, since February 7, 2013, officially Amazon Web Service CloudFormation has added also support for

New GIMP 2.8.4: featuring lots of bug fixes and translation updates.

Pending the Pre-built binaries for Mac, since February, 05, 2013 GIMP 2.8.4 is ready.

In fact GIMP 2.8.4 is a release in the stable GIMP 2.8 series featuring lots of bug fixes and translation updates.
Therefore the overview of changes from GIMP 2.8.2 to GIMP 2.8.4 includes:

HTML5 App Porter Tool : Faciliter la traduction ou le portage des apps iOS en HTML5

Intel le géant américain est en berne car son cœur de métier le marché des PC s’effondre progressivement face à la montée en puissance des Tablettes et Smartphones. Pour autant cela se signifie pas la fin pour celui qui pendant les décennies a su préserver son leadership en matière de PC. Par conséquent 2013 de ce

A concept of the Paysage, Hybrid Laptop: Stakes en Opportunities.

From  Yanko Design, by Kévin Depape, the Paysage Laptop is a 14.1-inch laptop that features an inductive stand for the home. It aims to look sexy in its brushed aluminum unibody design.
In addition a soft rubber hinge reinforced with a piece of metal inside gives it a

MapBox maps are now fully integrated with Twitter: Stakes and Opportunities

The MapBox maps in Twitter are mostly important for :reporting breaking news, suggesting a location to meet with friends,  reporting an issue etc. Henceforth when you tweet a link to any map hosted on MapBox, it will show up inline on and in Twitter’s mobile apps. This means that according to Dave Cole: ‘’your custom styles and markers will

The People's E-Book: try new things, publish new books, and push into new territories.

For those unfamiliar, The People’s E-book is an online tool with an intuitive visual interface to allow anyone to make e-books quickly and for free. Available on kickstarter since January, 31, 2013 looking for backers, the People's E-Book project aims to be a lab, an incubator, an e-book creation