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Multicloud Management innovators: Cirba, Datadog, Embotics, RightScale, and Turbonomic

For those who are unfamiliar, IDC has published an IDC Innovators report recognizing five multicloud management software and SaaS vendors with revenue under $100 million. The five vendors recognized as IDC Innovators are Cirba, Datadog, Embotics, RightScale, and Turbonomic.
Cirba provides predictive workload pattern analytics to drive optimal workload placement across multiple public and private clouds. Datadog monitors both public and private cloud services and has recently introduced application performance monitoring for Web applications. Embotics offers an easy-to-install cloud provisioning platform for managing public and private cloud environments. RightScale recently added a Governance model to its existing Cloud Management Platform SaaS solution and launched Optima, a multicloud cost management and optimization SaaS offering. Turbonomic's platform analyzes real-time workload demand and matches it to available resources across multiple cloud environments using market-based …

Fixed LTE broadband access is mainly deployed in remote areas where fixed line infrastructure is poor

It is clear that, currently, fixed LTE broadband access is mainly deployed in remote areas where fixed line infrastructure is poor and it is not commercially feasible to deploy fixed networks. While government initiatives, high data transfer rates, and a large capacity are all attractive features for fixed LTE deployments now, fixed wireless broadband deployments will be further accelerated by their 5G successor in the years ahead, according to ABI Research.

5G performance over LTE for fixed wireless broadband service in densely populated areas

Many projections lead us to understand that, the arrival of 5G technology will completely transform fixed wireless broadband network deployments.
Trials show that the technology’s superior performance over LTE will allow operators to deploy 5G for fixed wireless broadband service in densely populated areas,” says Khin Sandi Lynn, Industry Analyst at ABI Research.
Findings from ABI Research reveal that, growth of 4G LTE coverage and capacity is driving wireless service growth for fixed broadband access, while fiber-to-the-home (FTTH), xDSL, and cable technologies reach nearly 50% of global households. As 5G standardization approaches completion, the technology will significantly accelerate global fixed wireless deployments.

The IBM Cognitive Security Operations Center in our ever-connected data driven age

For those who are unfamiliar, IBM recently announced its Cognitive SOC platform, which brings together advanced cognitive technologies with security operations and provides the ability to respond to threats across endpoints, networks, users and cloud. I can observe that, the IBM Cognitive SOC platform puts cognitive technologies into security analysts’ hands, enhancing their ability to fill gaps in intelligence and act with speed and accuracy.

Innovative vendors in cybersecurity

We live henceforth in a digital connected era where security analysts, network engineers, and IT personnel face increasingly tougher challenges due to the proliferation and magnitude of modern cyber threats Based on this reality, many believe that, automation will become key, when it comes to address key issues like TLS/SSL, or Transport Layer Security/Secure Socket Layer, certification and privilege management prior to tackling critical functions like incident response. According to ABI Research, Innovative vendors working toward full automation in cybersecurity settings include security information and event management (SIEM) vendors IBM, HP, McAfee, LogRhythm, and Splunk; innovative cybersecurity vendors Ayehu, Hexadite, Symantec, and Tripwire; as well as machine learning and user and entity behavioral analytics (UEBA) vendors Gurucul, Trudera, and Vectra Networks.

Cybersecurity in the new world of artificial intelligence

The role of automation in cybersecurity settings is ramping up, and many analysts bet that, the automated processes will aid critical IT security functions that range from assisting security personnel to streamlining security alerts to system optimization. We will see Automation and Machine Learning to focus on System Optimization and then Critical Functions.

Trending in the Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) industry

Steadily, the stakes related to theAugmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) industry are appropriated by different key actors. More than 244 companies operate in this space worldwide. Analysts agree on the reality that, Data overlay and hands free usage, whether through passive AR or interactive and spatially aware MR, is providing significant value to early adopters. “There is significantly more opportunity for companies across business models than even six months ago, with a need for devices, content, developer tools, professional services, and more to drive growth,” says Stephanie Lawrence, Research Analyst at ABI Research. In effect, one can observe that, the most common business model is one that focuses on AR and MR applications, software, and content distribution. Core technology and application development tools and services are also gaining ground in the market. According to ABI Research, Enterprise use cases will dominate the Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) m…

Cloud managed services, less costly and are more efficient than traditional on-premises services

It remains obvious that, the industries are facing problems in the integrated services performance with respect to data access and storage. In order to minimize the issues of data center, communication, infrastructure and networking organizations are adopting cloud managed services as these are less costly and are more efficient than traditional on-premises services. However, privacy and security concern and Inefficiency of cloud managed service model remain key challenges. According to Research and Markets, the major factors which are driving the market growth of cloud managed services are rising adoption of Big Data and analytics trend and managed services in SMEs.