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OpenSSH version 7.1p2 has been released to address vulnerabilities

Connectikpeople recalls that OpenSSH version 7.1p2 has been released to address vulnerabilities in versions 5.4 through 7.1p1. Exploitation of one of these vulnerabilities may allow a remote attacker to obtain sensitive information from an affected system.
So, Users and administrators are encouraged to review the OpenSSH Release Notes and Vulnerability Note VU#456088 and apply the necessary update.

Yahoo News Feed dataset as Machine Learning Dataset for Researchers

Henceforth, it is time for tech collaboration, open source technologies, data-sharing program, developer community and research community.
Our digital era, with data as the most critical asset is a great-ever- opportunity to improve our living and working conditions anywhere and anytime.
The Yahoo News Feed dataset is now available for the public as a machine learning dataset to the academic research community; with the goal to advance the field of large-scale machine learning and recommender systems, and to help level the playing field between industrial and academic research. 
Connectikpeople encourages this momentum that inter alia can provide access to realistic scale data to study how to automatically discover which news articles are of interest to which users; benefit the wide variety of ongoing research in machine learning, artificial intelligence, information retrieval, and big data applications.