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Mobile Augmented Reality App: drivers, forecasts, types and trends.

The mobility is transforming all around us, in terms of productivity and innovations, living conditions and performance. Therefore, not amazing to observe that, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets with powerful capabilities including smart sensors, and smart apps, smart technologies and soon 3D cameras, provides and will provide an exciting means for people to experience and enjoy Augmented Reality (AR). 

According to a new report from Tractica, “There is a growing awareness of AR and an understanding about how the technology can be beneficial in a variety of sectors. One of the most notable trends is product visualization, where users are able to view how items will look in their homes without having to visit a physical location or commit to a purchase when not quite certain.” 

Tractica’s report, “Augmented Reality for Mobile Devices”, provides global market forecasts for installed base, active users, downloads, and revenue for mobile augmented reality applications. 
Tractica, …

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System Release

Among the critical capabilities that need businesses and organizations in our digital-age, there is the real-time ability to unlock business potential and streamline performance management processes. salutes the availability of Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) System Release, which incorporates key updates to the entire portfolio of EPM applications that can enable organizations to engineer predictable performance, connect the enterprise, and further improve decision-making.

Big data governance: Old versus new approach

At, we define Governed data as an accurate and actionable, reliable, secure and ready to use digital asset, while data from an ungoverned land is unpack with little emerging value for big data analytics and operations. 
In our digital-age, where Businesses want more information about their customers, their products, their processes, their reputation and their markets to inter alia support decisions, recalls that, in the traditional approach, data was governed as it was discovered or brought into the enterprise.

Trisha Dutta , product Marketing Manager - InfoSphere, IBM talks about a waterfall approach: ‘’integrate data and govern it to the highest required standard, load it to a central repository and then use it’’.

The new big data approach to governance combines inter alia: agility; security, privacy, social; correlation; it is about profiling the data, understanding what it will be used for and then determining the required level of governance.

Unified data platform architecture in our data-driven age.

Data! Data! Data!, we will  talking always about data; because henceforth , we are living in a data-driven age, where the mobility, the wearable band, the Internet of Things, the cloud and others emerging technologies shape our days. 
Within this kind of environment, it is obvious that, Unified data platform architecture will become one of the most critical foundations of enterprise-wide big data and analytics strategy. 
An integrated platform can help simplify access to all your data, help generate new revenue streams, help discover new insights, predict outcomes in real time, and keep all your data governed and secure.
This set can deliver a complete, cost-effective platform to accessing, discovering, governing and securing big data.
They can help quickly and easily turn raw data into actionable business insight with a single product.
This approach also means inter alia that: Unlock big data access for a wider group and makes big data simpler to manage and more accessible, including anal…