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Showing posts from January 31, 2013

A new concept of iPhone and iPad from Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso: Stakes and Opportunities.

There are so many rumors in regards to new stories about a new iPhone and iPad; however Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso presents us his own vision for the tablet and iPhone. It’s sleek, it’s sexy and it’s transparent.

New in Version 2.0 of Evernote Hello: Completely redesigned to make it easier to remember everyone you meet.

Since January 31, 2013 officially Evernote Hello has received the update. For those who unfamiliar, Evernote is your mobile app which  allow you remember everything about everyone that you meet.

henceforth the newVersion 2.0  includes: Scan business cards and instantly convert them into Hello Contacts with information

Get the latest Disqus for WordPress : Stakes and Opportunities around WPML 2.6.4

Henceforth the new Disqus is available in several languages and will be available in more very soon.
According to Disqus, one of the benefits of this reach is their ability to deliver a consistent experience all around the Web.
For those who unfamiliar WPML, aims to be the easiest way : une bonne idée mais très très mal conçue et développée.

En janvier 2013, internet est saturé de réseaux sociaux et la bulle n’est pas loin de s’éclater, tant on enregistre presque chaque jour des dérapages sur leur gestion et le côté pléthorique des plates formes qui se créent. Quoiqu’il en soit le marché fera le tri. A côté des grands noms notamment Google+ qui enregistre , une très forte et solide

Video: Why and how update your Windows Phone 7.8: Stakes and Opportunity

let's watch this video together with the expectations that  it might help you.

Responsive design : Concept, Conseils, Enjeux, Réalités et Opportunités dès 2013

La prouesse d’une technologie comme le Responsive Design réside sur sa capacité à faire du terminal (Smartphone, tablette, Pc…) un lieu par excellence d’exécution des applications et des technologiesinternet. Ce qui veut dire qu’avec le Responsive design, on ne s’inquiète plus de la manière donc son site web ou son application s’affiche, se présente sur n’importe quel terminal.

Dell Mobile Clinical Computing: Stakes to improve patient safety, quality of care and patient satisfaction.

For those who unfamiliar, Dell Mobile Clinical Computing Solution is a desktop virtualization and identity access management solution built on the DVS Enterprise 6020 Solution and powered by the Dell 12th generation servers. This solution is offered in both Rack and Blade server configurations with an option for storage on Dell EqualLogic

Facebook de plus en plus Rentable : Chiffres et Enjeux en Janvier 2013

Facebook c’est environ 85 millions de membres aux Etats –Unis, donc près de 65% via le mobile. En Afrique le réseau enregistre près 200 millions de membres donc environ 70 millions d’utilisateurs via  le mobile.  Dans cette tendance il en ressort les utilisateurs via mobile croissent davantage surtout dans les pays comme le Nigeria, l’Egypte et l’Afrique du Sud.
Cette même tendance est observée au niveau mondial compte

Rakudo Star 2013.01 henceforth available: a useful and usable distribution of Perl 6.

Available since January 30, 2103 a useful and usable distribution of Perl 6,aims to make a distinction between the language (“Perl 6″) and specific implementations of the language such as “Rakudo Perl”. Therefore this Star release includes release 2013.01 of the Rakudo Perl 6

The New Amazon Elastic Transcoder : a new Opportunity to transcode your files.

Available since January 29, 2013, the New Amazon Elastic Transcoder, aims to make it easy for you to transcode video files in a scalable and cost-effective fashion. For the first release the New Amazon Elastic Transcoderis supporting the MP4 container type, the H.264 video codec,