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A new concept of iPhone and iPad from Designer Ricardo Luis Monteiro Afonso: Stakes and Opportunities.

New in Version 2.0 of Evernote Hello: Completely redesigned to make it easier to remember everyone you meet.

Get the latest Disqus for WordPress : Stakes and Opportunities around WPML 2.6.4 : une bonne idée mais très très mal conçue et développée.

Video: Why and how update your Windows Phone 7.8: Stakes and Opportunity

Responsive design : Concept, Conseils, Enjeux, Réalités et Opportunités dès 2013

Dell Mobile Clinical Computing: Stakes to improve patient safety, quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Facebook de plus en plus Rentable : Chiffres et Enjeux en Janvier 2013

Rakudo Star 2013.01 henceforth available: a useful and usable distribution of Perl 6.

The New Amazon Elastic Transcoder : a new Opportunity to transcode your files.