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In flight transfer of packages between aerial drones

IBM inventors have been granted a patent for transferring packages between drones during flight. I can recall that, the invention described in US Patent No. 9,561,852: In flight transfer of packages between aerial drones helps to extend the range of drones that are delivering packages from a warehouse to a customer's home. IBM inventors developed this patented system using their supply chain expertise to enable precise delivery services to customers using drones.

The side effects of Global M2M Network Security Market

If there is a positive momentum in terms of growth for Global M2M Network Security Market, unfortunately, one of the major factors hindering the growth of this market is technical defects and related high costs of M2M network security solutions. According to Research and Markets, the lack of accuracy of the M2M network security solutions is a major challenge that affects the profits of the vendors. Among key vendors, we have: Cisco Systems, Gemalto, Kore Wireless, Numerex, PTC (Axeda).
The analysts forecast the global M2M network security market to grow at a CAGR of 26.27% during the period 2017-2021.

The Increase in number of connected devices

The M2M systems market is on an exciting curve in our ever-connected data-driven era where there is an increase in number of connected devices. By 2019, Research and Markets forecasts that, the number of connected devices, including portable navigation devices, media players, and imaging devices with cellular connections is expected to reach approximately 448.04 million units.
For those who are unfamiliar, these devices are connected to each other through advanced M2M modules, smart sensors, and software for entertainment, personal, and official applications. I can observe that, an increase in the number of devices makes it increasingly difficult to monitor, manage, and maintain.

Increased demand for Machine to Machine (M2M) in consumer electronics

Mainly used by businesses and public organizations, now M2M systems are used more widely in smart homes, different fitness gadgets, for tracking goods and assets, and in the entertainment sector.
In effect, there is an increased demand for M2M systems in consumer electronics. For many analysts, as new technologies and IoT ecosystem evolve, gadgets and devices will be affordable for everyone.

The industrial control and factory automation market is segmented

For your convenience, it is indispensable to recall that, the industrial control and factory automation market is segmented into technology, component, industry, and geography. The technology segment is further classified into SCADA, PLC & RTU, DCS, MES, HMI, and safety. The components covered in the market are industrial robot, machine vision, valve, control device, and field instrument. On the basis of industry, the market is classified into discrete and process industry. Among key market players, we have:
Siemens AGRockwell AutomationABB Ltd.Schneider ElectricGeneral ElectricEmerson Electric CorporationHoneywell International Inc.Mitsubishi ElectricYokogawaJohnson Controls.

IOT and advancement in M2M communication technology deeply impacting Industrial control and factory automation system

Steadily, one can observe findings from multiple resources revealing that, adoption of Internet of Things (IOT) and advancement in Machine to Machine (M2M) communication technology are factors propelling the growth of the industrial control and factory automation market.
However, according to Research and Markets, lack of skilled professionals and requirement of high investment to shift from traditional manufacturing to smart manufacturing are factors restraining the growth of the market. The firm also announces that, industrial revolution 4.0 would create opportunities in the market.

The primary benefit of Industrial control and factory automation system

For those who are unfamiliar, I can recall that, Industrial control and factory automation system is an automated or manually driven system that controls various operations in manufacturing plants using control system. It performs operations, such as opening and closing valves and monitoring the local environment for alarm conditions. Switching on telephone networks and collecting data from sensor systems is possible with the help of industrial control and factory automation system. The primary benefit of the system is minimal use of labor, energy, and materials in factory. It also improves quality, precision, & accuracy.

The integration of IT with payroll outsourcing

Very exciting to observe that, many companies are integrating their business and technology solutions in a bid to improve productivity and innovation while keeping costs in control. Neo-sourcing, an evolution of the BPO models, is the integration of IT with payroll outsourcing. For those who are unfamiliar, Neo-sourcing combines management of back office operations and technology to create process re-engineering for business transformation and optimization. Its benefits include process optimization, cost reduction, reduced cycle time, access to best global practices, and improved productivity.
According to Technavio Research, the integrated outsourcing strategy will help vendors remain competitive in the market owing to the increase in the number of HRO contracts focusing on payroll services.

AT&T, BT, Orange, and Singtel within the telecommunications market in Asia Pacific (AP)

Steadily, one can observe that, AT&T, BT, Orange, and Singtel demonstrate a strong regional network presence, comprehensive suite of enterprise cloud and managed ICT service offerings, diverse portfolio of services in areas such as Internet of Things (IoT) and collaboration in the region, as well as a large base of mid and large-sized enterprises, multinational corporations (MNCs), and government clients across Asia Pacific. IDC identified AT&T, BT, Orange, and Singtel as “Leaders” of the next-generation telecom service providers in the region along with plenty of challengers in the market.
I can also observe that, this group of “Leaders” is closely followed by "Major Players" in the market which includes regional service providers, such as Telstra and NTT Coms, along with global service providers including Vodafone, Verizon, and Tata Communications. GCX is classified under the “Contenders” group.

Tips and insights for job seekers interested in high-tech careers

Five “New Collar” IBMers share advice on career success.These IBM employees work in some of the technology industry’s fastest growing fields and acquired their high-tech skills through a mix of non-traditional routes such as coding camps, community colleges and 21st century vocational training. These employees work in strategic areas of IBM’s business; from cybersecurity and cloud computing to digital design of products and services. Their guidance to anyone considering a technology career includes: “Start by just getting involved, and explore your options. There are so many events new coders can attend to learn and meet others already in the industry. If you’re looking to get involved, start going to local meet-ups, there are typically ones for specific programming languages, and many will have beginner tracks.” – Savannah Worth, Software Designer, San Francisco, CA. “Use your natural curiosity. If you find that you’re always asking “why?” and absolute…

Drones could change ecommerce

Due to a set of emerging applications in civil and military space, steadily, one can for instance observe that, Drones have the potential to change the way businesses operate and by leveraging machine learning, drones could change ecommerce. IBM inventor team is focused on improving how the most valuable cargo is delivered globally (US Patent No. 9,561,852). This could create opportunities such as managing drones to deliver postal packages and medicine in developing countries via the most direct route.

DDoS mitigation network capacity to 3 Tbps

I can reall that, Neustar announces it has tripled its global DDoS mitigation network capacity to 3 Tbps and that, the company will continue to significantly increase to 10 Tbps by early 2018.  I can observe that, the construction, implementation and capacity of this new network is designed with the goal to stay ahead of the changing threat landscape and neutralize new and future volumetric DDoS attacks, as well as easily containing other types of DDoS attack vectors using proprietary DNS and IP intelligence data.

Drone delivery network optimization could be provided to autonomous drones

With a new exciting step forward from a new invention by IBM inventors, the invention described in US Patent No. 9,561,852, for example, a customer expecting a package from a delivery drone could dispatch a personal drone to receive and securely deliver the package to the customer’s home. In effect, Drone delivery network optimization could be provided to autonomous drones via the communications link described in the patent.

Overcome current numerous challenges related to delivery Drone

It is now obvious that, Drones are starting to be used to transport packages to customer locations, but there are still numerous challenges to this delivery method such as: limited flight range, theft of unattended packages once delivered, and a lack of delivery network optimization. The new invention by IBM inventors (US Patent No. 9,561,852) can help to mitigate these challenges by providing in-flight drone-to-drone package transfers to extend package delivery range.

The strategic importance of cloud services for the Chinese government

For those who are unfamiliar, the strategic importance of cloud services for the Chinese government is further reaffirmed by Premier Li Keqiang's "Internet Plus" plan unveiled in 2015, entailing the integration of cloud computing, mobile internet, Big Data, and the Internet of Things with modern manufacturing. One can also observe that, the central government continues to tighten regulations pertaining to data sovereignty, which is, in turn, favoring the growth of domestic cloud providers.