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Here is how the Cisco Network Convergence System can help you!

If such offers like Cisco Network Convergence progressively appear, and are developed and implemented, their real interest resides also in their abilities to extend, connect, control and respond to applications, networks and data centers. In fact the final goal is to manage and move network and compute resources wherever and whenever they are needed across the architecture, in real time. Cisco with its Cisco Network Convergence System offer focuses on this direction,

Tech Jobs: Digg is hiring Engineer / Technologist and Android Developer.

Included, in our new rubric aiming to help you find, good opportunities as well as possible, Connectikpeople may recall thatDigg is looking for a few excellent people to join their team. Engineer / Technologist, you can apply Here Digg is looking for a technologist with experience building large-scale/large-data web applications. They would like you to build the internal and external APIs that will power new features for Digg. Experience building social

Clinkle and Square, the future of mobile payments according to Richard Branson: stake and opportunities.

Richard Branson is well known around the world due to its ardor for entrepreneurship. This means that, its opinion counts and he is aware that, technology secures and is pushing forward the way we pay.
In this dynamic, Connectikpeople has observed that, this week Richard Branson became the latest investor in Clinkle, a start-up that is working with the goal to

Here is the ZTE Nubia with Snapdragon 800 Flagship ,announced In November 2013,

Are you ready to buy it? Despite the hard times, Blackberry Smartphones offers remains the indisputable choices in terms of features, specs, and design. But if until now Blackberry has failed to combine hardware and software, we do hope that, with its future new statute as a private company, things could change. Pending this time,

Blackberry has generated $686 million in Europe, Middle East and Africa for the last three months ending in August 2013.

Despite, the overall breakdown in terms of revenues, about 49% from $3.1 billion in the previous quarter and down 45% from $2.9 billion in the same quarter of fiscal 2013, the revenue breakdown for the quarter was approximately 49% for hardware, 46% for service and 5% for software and other revenue; Connectikpeople can observe that, Blackberry remains more or less appreciated in North America and inEurope, Middle East and Africa. In North America for instance, the Canadian company has generated $ 414 million

The Google Cloud Platform aims to provide a complete set of tools for managing even the most complex application requirements.

Based on the reality that, a set of business applications today requires a level of complexity not easily addressed by a single hosting service, (multiple logical services, different programming languages, differing types of data storage needs, and a range of runtime requirements), the Google Cloud Platform seems having evolved to provide a complete set of tools for managing even the most complex application requirements. Connectikpeople has observed that, from a fully managed application to custom virtual

Jeu vidéo : Steam Controller dévoilé, se présente comme une révolution du jeu vidéo dans votre salon !

Effectivement annoncé en grande pompe depuis le début de la semaine, on peut observer et constater que, c’est tout à fait une approche du genre différent du divertissement depuis votre canapé du salon. Alors rien à faire avec tout ce qu’on vu et utilisé jusqu’ici en nomade, à la maison au bureau ou devant votre ordinateur. Les promoteurs sont claires sur leur vision : ‘’Notre but est de porter l'intégralité de