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A deep understanding of image and video content at scale in many environments.

We live henceforth in a digital age where the proliferation of mobile video, mobile messaging apps and social Medias transform data lakes and how we understand and unlock actionable values from data in real-time.
In this environment, machine learning algorithms play henceforth a critical role when it comes to inter alia: understand video and image content; recognize categories from data and enable a new generation of intelligent applications to be built on top of image and video understanding. salutes the dynamic behind Clarifai, with its video recognition as part of its image recognition technology. notes that, the system automatically can understand video content and recognizes 10,000 different objects and concepts.

The company’s API, enable intelligent applications to be built on top of image and video understanding.

Twitter's first quarter revenues

Revenue for the first quarter of 2015 totaled $436 million, an increase of 74% compared to $250 million in the same period in 2014. Mobile advertising revenue was 89% of total advertising revenue.

"While we exceeded our EBITDA target for the first quarter, revenue growth fell slightly short of our expectations due to lower-than-expected contribution from some of our newer direct response products," said Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter.

Datacenters, Mobility and Internet of Things in our data-driven age.

In our mobile age where huge amount of data is generated and managed in real-time, it is inter alia obvious that: businesses must focus on their IoT service platform requirements at the level of the datacenter itself, not just the individual servers or storage devices,2.The Internet of Things (IoT) explosion will be one of the major drivers of technology investments,
3.Investments in the IoT platform services residing in the datacenter will be instrumental in delivering the IoT promise of anytime, anywhere and anyhow connectivity.
According to new research from International Data Corporation (IDC): IoT will emerge as the leading driver of new compute/storage deployment at the edgeThe growing importance of analytics in IoT services will ensure that hyperscale datacenters are a major component of most IoT service offerings by 2019IoT services will place growing stress in most enterprise and service provider networksService providers will adopt IoT technologies (S…

IT management and monitoring capabilities while building your own IT management tools.

It is henceforth clear that, the values related to flexibility, scalability and customization are critical when it comes to IT management and monitoring.
Companies must appropriate this reality.The availability of NetComply+ solution, a cloud-based toolset for managing and monitoring a bank’s IT infrastructure from a central location can help banks and credit unions bridge the gap in IT management and monitoring capabilities while building their own IT management tools.

Connect your legacy databases to Web, mobile, and cloud applications in our mobile-driven age.

The real-time ability to access: safe, secure and critical data anywhere and anytime is henceforth a game changer when it comes to enhance productivity within the enterprises.
In this momentum, salutes the release of OpenLegacy 2.1 that streamlines the deployment of new Web and mobile applications integrated to backend legacy systems. Databases such as DB2, DB400, ADABAS, IMS, CA-Datacom, CA-IDMS can easily expose as part of the seamless process.

IT automation: Puppet Enterprise 3.8 is available.

For those who unfamiliar recalls that, Puppethelps sysadmins automate configuration and management of machines and the software running on them. Puppet Enterprise 3.8henceforth includes: new provisioning capabilities for Docker containers, AWS infrastructure and bare-metal environments. 
Puppet Code Manager brings efficient management when it comes to the code that defines your infrastructure.