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Hold live video-conferences while collaborating or distributing content.

Holistic integration and combination shape henceforth the productivity and performance, flexibility and the security businesses need, when it comes to streamline their operations.
NEC’s Collaborative Content Management (CCM) solution is now powered by PassTheNotes. The new solution integrates NEC’s UNIVERGE 3C™ Collaboration Meeting Manager (CMM) application with PassTheNotes’ cloud-based content management technology. recalls that this integration provides a single sign-on content management solution with live video conferencing capabilities for both the education vertical as well as other industries. Organizations can customize content; collaborate in real-time via chat or video.

If you care about your privacy and security, Zendo a new messaging platform can help you.

There are lots of hopes when it comes to indecipherable encryption technologies, susceptible to bring peace in minds. 
Released in Mar 24, 2015, and available in several languages,Zendo aims to make mobile messaging conversations as private and natural as conversations with your friends “in real life.” 

According to Zendo, ‘’no server is involved in the key exchange. The Zendo app encrypts each message before sending. Your messages are secure in transit, since only the receiver’s Zendo app can decrypt the messages. All communications within Zendo stay in the Zendo app by default (including photos), so nothing is stored in the cloud’’.

The app also promises that, it will not collect or track any personal information about users or about conversations. also observes that exchanging encryption keys with your friend aims to be simple and the app is free, and in the future, they plan to add optional premium features.

Bottom-up approach to data in our data-driven age.

The real-time ability to quickly inventory all the data that exists in the enterprise, regardless of type, platform or source, is a competitive advantage. 
Leverage the right data at the right time and anywhere no matter where it resides is also critical. salutes the commitment of Tamr, Inc., to offer a free, standalone version of its Tamr Catalog tool for cataloging enterprise metadata.
For those who unfamiliar, recalls that Tamr Catalog is a tool for cataloging enterprise metadata. It can allow businesses to map the attributes and records of a given data source with the entity it actually represents. 
A preview of Tamr Catalog is available on Tamr’sweb site and a downloadable version will be available in Summer 2015.

Smart mobile strategies in our mobile-driven world.

In our environment where developers and organizations tend to prioritize speed-to-market and user experience, where companies devote insignificant budget to security, where Hackers are now taking advantage of the popularity of insecure mobile apps, public Wi-Fi networks, and more to break into the highly valuable data often housed on BYOD and corporate mobile devices, encourages organizations, developers and companies to:
regularly test the mobile apps they build to avoid plethora of entry points to tap into business data via unsecured devices,
to develop a policy which defines the acceptable use of mobile apps in the workplace,
block non-vetted apps to work devices,
foster permanent trainings in good practices,
adopt a comprehensive Mobile Management solution also encourages developers, companies and organizations to think about security at the same level on which highly efficient, collaborative cyber criminals are planning attacks.