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NVIDIA new facility in UK will help to develop modem technology for smartphones and tablets.

Gmail on Android and Hangouts for Android updated: here is what may interest you.

Gaz à condensats d’Incahuasi : Total devrait finalement investir en Bolivie, pour une première phase de développement du champ de gaz.

Orange Business Services new NFC Service Center helps companies to implement and manage a wide range of NFC services.

IBM and Deutsche Telekom will collaboration to provide the IBM MobileFirst platform in the cloud to small and medium sized (SMB) customers in Europe.

Tech and Finance: more than 39 rounds and $299 million in fundings captured by Connectikpeople.

Here is the ‘’World Record Solar Cell with 44.7% Efficiency’’

Grameen Intel Social Business brings technology solutions for agriculture communities in Macedonia.

Streaming players: Roku® Inc. today announced an all-new family of its streaming players.

Here is the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX: stakes and opportunities for users

Photoflow, a solution to two major problems facing developing countries: scarcity of drinking water and electricity.

The 2013 Google Science: Google has named three winners

Android Device Manager has henceforth received a new feature,brings the ability to remotely lock your device with a new password.

Line, your Messaging iPhone app updated support iOS 7 and brings the ability to record short videos and send them to friends.

The new HP NVIDIA GPU Technical Centre of Excellence in Grenoble, France: stakes and opportunities.

With Red Hat JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift, Red Hat attracts its customers to build and deploy in the cloud.