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NVIDIA new facility in UK will help to develop modem technology for smartphones and tablets.

Henceforth operational, with this new project like others in Europe, NVIDIA bolsters its presence in this continent. The new facility located two hours west of London, along England’s tech corridor, is where NVIDIA team works on baseband processors and software for implementing

Gmail on Android and Hangouts for Android updated: here is what may interest you.

No innovative functionality from one side to another. But we can observe that, henceforth Gmail on Android brings cleaner design for its conversation view, includes checkmarks for multiple message selection: this means you can easily see

Gaz à condensats d’Incahuasi : Total devrait finalement investir en Bolivie, pour une première phase de développement du champ de gaz.

Très dubitatif et réticent au départ quant aux potentialités de ses forages,Total s’est ressaisi et annonce avoir pris la décision finale d’investissement pour une première phase de développement du champ de gaz à condensats d’Incahuasi en Bolivie. Un retournement de situation qui fait suite aux résultats concluants obtenus lors du forage du puits d’exploration ICS-2. Pour ceux qui le découvrent, situé sur le bloc Ipati à 250 kilomètres au sud-ouest de

Orange Business Services new NFC Service Center helps companies to implement and manage a wide range of NFC services.

It certainly true that, new mobile opportunities and the number of NFC compatible devices (smart phones, payment terminals, etc.) continue to grow, the development of NFC services According to Orange Business Services,  the French market is very promising. Therefore, with its new NFC Service Center, Orange Business Services aims to make it easier than ever for companies to implement and

IBM and Deutsche Telekom will collaboration to provide the IBM MobileFirst platform in the cloud to small and medium sized (SMB) customers in Europe.

Progressively, companies like IBM, Intel, Cisco, Oracle or Red Hat are convinced that, they will grow and, generate a lot of money by improving and developing services. Since yesterday, Deutsche Telekom’s developer platform haslaunched the new cloud service, Developer Garden powered IBM Worklight, which allows developers to cost-effectively and quickly create apps for all mobile platforms and bring them to market faster than ever before. Connectikpeople may recall that, a recent study from IBM revealed that while only 24

Tech and Finance: more than 39 rounds and $299 million in fundings captured by Connectikpeople.

SimpleeLaunched in 2011 (Palo Alto-based healthcare expense management app ), raised $10 million in series B financing led by Heritage Group with participation from existing investors Social+Capital and Greylock IL. Henceforth Simplee manages more than $3 billion in patient medical expenses and processes tens of millions in patient payments each year. With this funding, Simplee will expand its team with the continued goal of reducing the complexity of healthcare payments

Here is the ‘’World Record Solar Cell with 44.7% Efficiency’’

Progressively, the world is facing lot of environmental and climate challenges. If there are on the one hand a climate-septic and on the other hand, the climate evangelists, it remains clear that,  access to the energy is increasingly expensive for the middle family. But there is a sign of hope from renewable energies like solar.
Today Connectikpeople can note that among the research underway around the world,

Grameen Intel Social Business brings technology solutions for agriculture communities in Macedonia.

We will never stop to praise Muhammad Yunus due to his in-depth commitment to improve life conditions for those who are under the need. Today, Connectikpeople is thrilled to share this note: ‘’in presence of Professor Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Intel Social Business and Republic of Macedonia announced their work to bring technology

Streaming players: Roku® Inc. today announced an all-new family of its streaming players.

With the final goal to bring useful improvements at existing prices , the new line of Roku LT, Roku 1 and Roku 2 players is designed to provide a better TV experience. In this dynamic, it aims to give users more useful features: the ability to turn up a late-night flick without waking the kids or search quickly for the latest movie. The new Roku LT, Roku 1 and Roku 2 players along with the Roku 3 provide access to

Here is the new Amazon Kindle Fire HDX: stakes and opportunities for users

The new terminal is launched and many can enjoy the set of specs and features included in this new tablet. If many think that, it sounds like the Chromecast, Connectikpeople can observe that, it brings HD with ‘’exceptional’’ pixel density (323 ppi for 7”, 339

Photoflow, a solution to two major problems facing developing countries: scarcity of drinking water and electricity.

Developing countries in (Europe, Asia, and Latina America or in Africa), witness two major problems: the access to good quality of water and the access to efficient infrastructures. But, progressively and rapidly this reality is overcame. Yesterday, Connectikpeople has captured this project under the name of Photoflow. It billed as a combination solar photovoltaic device and rainwater harvester.
Connetikpeople has observed that, a design company called NOS has developed this

The 2013 Google Science: Google has named three winners

Progressively this worldwide tech event demonstrates its capacities to bolster innovations, research and development around the world. This edition, Connectikpeople has been too excited to see how younger can innovate and change the world. A lot of projects have been submitted; at the end top 15 projects were selected from more

Android Device Manager has henceforth received a new feature,brings the ability to remotely lock your device with a new password.

With the handsets which become increasingly an important investment for our budget, and box of an important mass of private data, this kind of technology is always welcome.
In fact following the release of Android Device Manager a month ago bringing “find

Line, your Messaging iPhone app updated support iOS 7 and brings the ability to record short videos and send them to friends.

As you can observe the ability to record short videos and send them to friends is became one of the major functions on Messaging app. Henceforth with Line you can experience it. Also include in this update: Added the "Snap Movie" function : to add BGM to short videos and send them to your friends

The new HP NVIDIA GPU Technical Centre of Excellence in Grenoble, France: stakes and opportunities.

Progressively, the Cloud trend is generating a set of investments and mutations for developers and enterprises and among electronics manufacturers or ICT providers. The goal is to create more value and improve user experience for each actor.
In this dynamic, the new HP NVIDIA GPU Technical Centre of Excellence in Grenoble, France designed to make high performance computing (HPC), simulations

With Red Hat JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift, Red Hat attracts its customers to build and deploy in the cloud.

Because of a set of reasons, Connectikpeople can observe that, companies until now have been reticent to migrate existing workloads into a PaaS. Based on this reality, Red Hat’s vision aims to expand the availability of its technologies as services on OpenShift. The final goal is to widen the pathway for enterprises and developers to create, integrate and manage applications and business processes in the cloud. This means, Red Hat JBoss xPaaS services for OpenShift by Red Hat provide a set of