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Path, your personal social network updated in version 3.0.4 and includes now Enhanced Privacy…

Regarded as a personal socialnetwork which brings you closer with family and friends, henceforth it includes: Enhanced Privacy: this means you can hide yourself in global search in Settings. Typing Indicator: you will know if they are typing and where they are

13 raisons pour Davantage parler de Connectikpeople à vos collègues, amis et connaissances.

En presque 02 an d’existante complète, est une expérience encourageante chaque jour, en termes de sollicitions, d’audience, de retours, de conseils et de production du contenus. A tous je vous dis grand merci et par là l’occasion de vous dire que nous sommes qu’au début des réalisations des belles épopées prévues pour vous. est édité par Connectikpeople, une startup

Flash back to Winky, a way to take pictures with a wink on Google glass.

Google Glass is certainly a big innovation nowadays in terms of concept and vision. But before the release of Winky by Mike DiGiovanni, Google Glass had posed the problem of its practicability. You must say, ‘’Ok, Glass Take a Picture’’ or even just tap a button. Henceforth with the release of Wink, you can see more how Google Glass could be wonderful for its owners in terms of services.
 ‘’it was a fun project that involved a bit of decompiling of