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E-commerce local en France : ce que vaut réellement Localismarket.

Nous sommes ici dans un segment du e-commerce en plein balbutiement, face aux géants mondiaux comme le chinois Alibaba, le Japonais Rakuten, l’américain e-Bay et Amazon. Le concept E-commerce local, veut donc rompre avec la logique de la globalisation en proposant d’acheter locale avec les enjeux de la fidélisation. S’agissant de notre étude de cas,Localismarket s’est doté d’un statut de place de marché dont le but est de fidéliser les clients des boutiques dans un rayon de 100 km.

TomTom Bridge brings applications to help businesses achieve their goals.

TomTom, praises your determination to transform the way businesses manage the fleet of vehicles. Our interest for the Mobile World Congress 2014, allows us to discover that, henceforth businesses can develop applications, powered by TomTom navigation technology, all accessed via a single device. If unfamiliar, recalls that, TomTom Bridge aims to help businesses who manage a fleet of vehicles, to work smarter and move faster. Meaning that, a TomTom platform for developers enables businesses to more or less easily integrate their own applications with TomTom navigation technology. TomTom Bridge device comes with rugged, industrial design, 7-inch screen, Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, lifetime TomTom Maps, TomTom Traffic Near-Field Communication, camera, WiFi*, and a 3G modem. TomTom Bridge will be

Big Data Risk Management: the real value of Agiliance via RiskVision 7.

We talk about risk management delivered across private clouds and on premise infrastructures. Here, is excited by the deep willingness of Agiliance to replace managerial opinion and tactical consulting with a purpose-built, big data solution to manage business performance. If unfamiliar, recalls that, Agiliance®, Inc., is a provider of integrated solutions for Operational and Security Risk programs. Among its assets, until now we know RiskVision™ 6.5, offering the real-time Context™ for risk management delivered across private clouds and on premise infrastructures. Henceforth with its new comer, RiskVision™7, the company aims to mine petabytes of operational and security risk data to manage near real time workflow, intelligence,

Personnaliser les campagnes marketing online, offline et sur terminaux mobiles : ce que vaut réellement Oracle.

Le multi-canal et le cross-platform avec un focus profond sur la personnalisation sont devenus indispensables pour l’efficacité des campagnes marketing grand public (B2C) et celles ciblant les entreprises (B2B). Car il faut bien, être là où se trouvent les données, les profils et l’audience en temps réel. Comme leader avant-gardiste IT avec des opérations internationales, est bien séduis par les efforts d’Oracle à avancer solidement dans cette dynamique. Il faut bien que l’entreprise démontre sa capacité accompagner ses clients de bout-en-bout dans leur chaine de production de valeurs. Rappelons qu’en décembre 2012, Oracle racheta Eloqua  pour diligenter des campagnes marketing ciblant les entreprises (B2B) ; décembre 2013, ce fut le tour de Responsyspour des campagnes orientées vers le grand public (B2C) de tomber sous

Open, Cloud Database Service to Help Organizations Simplify Mobile, Web App and Big Data Development: the real value of IBM via Cloudant.

Congrats! IBM, as a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, encourages your vision which progressively is translated by your abilities to extend IBM's Big Data and Analytics, Cloud Computing and Mobileofferings. is particularly seduced by the fact that, developers no longer need to be experts in database management, while database administrators (DBA) can focus on higher value tasks beyond day-to-day

The new BlackBerry(R) Enterprise Service 12 (BES12), an enterprise mobility solution: stakes and opportunities.

Henceforth we talk about the BlackBerry(R) Enterprise Service 12 (BES12), a new enterprise mobility solution. Meaning that, BlackBerry Enterprise Service has unified BES10 and BES5 to one platform. With this new approach, BlackBerry Enterprise Service deploys its long term strategy and demonstrates its deeply willingness to prioritize productive end-user experience, simplify enterprise mobility management (EMM) environment and to enable organizations to develop and deploy new services to mobile devices more faster. As a forward-thinking IT leader with global operations, encourages this momentum, and suggests Blackberry, an increasing focus on the flexibility, security, and cost-effectiveness. At we know that, this represents an investment for the future. Because, as you can observe the proliferation of mobile devices, and increased mobile application adoption, require enterprises to broaden their mobility strategy beyond the simple management of dev…

Funding: Granular, eCommera, and Quanttus can now expand their engineering and to accelerate global growth.

If unfamiliar, recalls that, this rubric is intended to help organizations, and investors to live in real-time what happens in the startups world; in terms of funding, acquisitions, strategic alliances and more. Regarding the emerging countries, and startups, this is an instrument for them to discover which Venture Capital or Business angel can fund their projects
Granular(San Francisco-based farming software and analytics startup), has raised $4.2 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures, and Khosla Ventures. Founded (formerly Solum), as a soil science and analytics company, has sold its soil science business to Monsanto in order to focus on building out its cloud business software and analytics platform for farmers. Granular will use the funds to

Henceforth you can Shop and Pay with Fingerprint Authentication on New Samsung Galaxy S5.

Henceforth the online payment industry moves towards the simplicity, the efficiency and convenience in terms usages and solutions, without scarifying the security. Following the Visa approach underscores by, today at Mobile World Congress, has captured a new alliance between Paypal and Samsung via the new Samsung Galaxy. Meaning that, with the new secure, biometric feature Galaxy S5 users will no longer need to remember passwords or login details across PayPal