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Shared file system service for OpenStack cloud infrastructures.

The dynamic around OpenStack is more and more exciting, rich and promising. Based on this momentum, one can note that, Red Hat Gluster Storagenow can provide enterprises with a scale-out shared file system service for OpenStack cloud infrastructures. recalls that, Red Hat is a software-defined storage member of the OpenStack Manila project. OpenStack Manila’s framework provides a vendor-neutral management API for provisioning and attaching different shared file systems. You can test the functionality of OpenStack Manila by downloading it from the OpenStack RDO community-supported distribution with the RDO Packstack Installer.

OpenStack adoption and powerful manageability within the enterprise.

When it comes to accelerate your OpenStack implementations, and allow enterprises to more effectively manage hybrid cloud environments, recommends you to focus on:
Automated deployment and management of OpenStack infrastructures,
Combination of existing IT infrastructure investments,
Workloads from a single, integrated platform,
Federation of OpenStack-based private clouds together with other public clouds and a variety of virtualization platforms,
Efficient and scalable migration framework across traditional virtualization platform and private clouds.
In fact, Advanced capabilities including a self-service portal, policy-based control, governance, chargeback, showback, orchestration, capacity/utilization planning, optimization and bottleneck analysis and reporting are the game-changer when it comes to allow enterprises to more effectively manage hybrid cloud environments.

Great perspectives for security and privacy, susceptible to bring peace in minds

During the IEEE conference (midweek in San Jose, Calif.), is proud to note that, Microsoft researchers are focusing deeply on great perspectives for security and privacy, susceptible to bring peace in minds including: 
Microsoft researchers collaborated with researchers from the French research institute INRIA, at the MSR-INRIA Joint Centre, along the Spanish research institute IMDEA to bulk up the security of “https” browsers. The researchers found and fixed certain existing vulnerabilities and developed a system for ensuring that the code within the Transport Layer Security protocol is more secure.
Microsoft researchers developed a system for verifying the outcome of computations when they are outsourced to powerful but untrusted cloud computers.
Microsoft researchers collaborated with a researcher from The University of Texas at Austin to uncover a new side-channel attack. 
A group of Microsoft researchers and a researcher from the University of Massachusetts have de…

Keeping data private in our cloud age: Microsoft paves its way.

Sophisticated, internal and targeted threats targeting private data, sensitive data, cloud services and technologies are more and more aggressive. This blunt reality is a real challenge for solutions providers to ensure that the data and technologies are secure even if the provider has a bad actor in its own ranks.
This trend also leads to observe that cloud solutions are more and more better secure than on-premise classic solution and systems. 
Microsoft accelerates its researches and perspectives in security cloud storage. Its new research project, released at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy, adds an extra layer of security for companies that are charged with safeguarding very sensitive information, such as financial data or personal records, and also regularly need to use that data to make calculations or conduct other transactions.
The new technology called Verifiable Confidential Cloud Computing, or VC3, interacts with data stored in a sort of lockbox that can be accessed…

Car App Gallery and Open Developer Platform in our Internet of Things age

If the car has been for a long time an exciting means of transport, henceforth with the power of Internet of Things and the cloud computing, the car is a real environment of work, entertainment and life. 
With applications that diagnose engine trouble, detect accidents and send emergency response, and help customers save money on driving, the ecosystem is more and more mature and rich.
In this market, Automatic Labs, founded in 2011, paves its way with the Automatic App Gallery, an app store for nearly every car on the road today, as well as an open development platform.
Its second-generation Automatic car adapter, enables third party “Bluetooth streaming” apps that display data from the car’s onboard computer in real-time. With its open platform, developers can build and distribute powerful apps that can that work across nearly every make and modele.
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