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Great and promising digital insights and perspectives cooked and captured for you this week.

Every week abounds with its specific excitements, but the most important is to note that, people; organizations, governments and enterprises of all sizes are more and more aware of the stakes around the digital industry and progressively leverage the benefits of customization, flexibility, performance, scalability, enhanced productivity, low cost, and eco-friendliness. is and will remain a holistic platform to streamline those experiences. 
In this dynamic, just remember that effective cloud security is a shared responsibility between provider and customer.The Chief Marketing Technologist is a role that blends elements of marketing, data science, and engineering.
Handheld devices continue to pique Apple’s enterprise interest. These days, marketing and technology go hand in hand. This position is responsible for marketing and building content, analyzing the market, parsing data, building infrastructure, and curating user experiences.
Intel paired with a Japanese design …

Identity as a Service solution, also, means=

With, it is henceforth easy to understand and secure apps in the cloud. In addition to this momentum, we focus now our attention on Identity as a Service solution. In this approach, just recalls that, Identity as a Service solution, also, means:
Secure Access to Cloud Applications,
Provide secure, federated identity solutions,
Enable secure, federated one-click access to cloud applications,
·Managing identities for cloud applications, both on-premises and through leading Identity as a Service solution,
Improve application usability, manage access credentials, and eliminate the need for multiple username password combinations,
Having one single login for all corporate applications,
The flexibility and the ability to avoiding the risk of outsourcing credentials to third party systems, simple architecture and capabilities, are also critical, when it comes to ensure the right people access the right things, securely and seamlessly.
For a global fit and hit, fe…